Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Round-up

To celebrate the end of a somewhat tumultuous year, I thought I would be selfish and share with you my favourite blogposts from my blog this year! 

hairpulling help eyelashes
This post was very personal to me, especially at a time when I was really suffering. I definitely need to get some more trich content up next year! I loved sharing some of the little things you can do to help deal with something as complicated as a hair pulling disorder. 

Morphe Review
You know what, there is nothing I love more than writing negative reviews. This was definitely one of them! I feel a little bit bad that the pictures are actually quite nice in the post. The day I took the photos was a day where I was really getting to grips with my new camera.

Nouveau Lashes Strip Lashes
These Nouveau Lashes lashes are my all time favourite lashes, they really have saved my life this year. As I have had pretty much zero lashes all the way through 2016, it was really lovely to come across a pair of lashes that I love so much. They make my eyes look pretty, which really does make up for the loss of confidence I get from having bald lids. 

Beauty blogger confessions
This was just a fun post to write and to share to my fellow beauty bloggers. I know there are so many of us that do these things on a daily basis! It's always nice to write funny pieces, rather than just reviews all of the time. 

Slim Sublime
I really enjoyed reviewing this product as it was out of my comfort zone. I think I will be buying myself a new tub in the new year as well, to try and shift those Christmas calories! It really did work and it was fun to work with a pretty big brand!

pulling eyelashes out
The blogging community is amazing, but what's even more amazing is that I have been able to find fellow trichsters. The bloggers included have been a real source of support to me this year and the least I could do was share the love back. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks
Honestly, I'm just really proud of the photography in this blogpost. The post itself is relatively funny, (or at least I think so) and I wrote it at a time where I was having a bit of a bloggers block. 

And that's it folk! That's my list of my favourite blogposts from this year. It's been really lovely having a scroll through the last 12 months of G Beauty, seeing how far I've come and to see how consistently I posted. I made it my mission this year to post once a week, and I stuck to it for the best part! Well done Gweni, you ledge. 

Here's to a happy and healthy 2017! Thank you for reading.

Love, Gweni xxx 

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