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Kitts Boutique Silk Pillowcase

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

G Beauty: Silk Pillowcase Review

As a beauty blogger, I'm always interested in new and different ways of mixing up my beauty routine. The latest in this quest has definitely been my silk pillowcase from Kitts Boutique

Over the past couple of years, silk pillowcases have been doing the rounds. I never really considered it as something I'd invest in myself, I am a little bit on the poor side as a student. But it was something that really interested me. I mean, how much difference could a silk pillowcase really make?

A lot apparently. 

I have found that my skin is much smoother in the morning, my hair is less frizzy and my night creams work better on my skin. I really love the feel of silk on my face as I sleep, I find that it is much more comfortable and I think it may have even led to me having a better night sleep. 

The pillowcase that I've been testing out is the Mulberry Silk Pillow Case from Kitts Boutique. The pillowcase comes with a little bag, so that you can take your case on trips with you, and also comes in a lovely box as well - making it a really great gift idea. 

The box is a really lovely touch in my opinion, it would have been so easy to just have the little silk bag. The box adds that little bit of extra luxury to it. The bag itself is super handy, especially if you get really attached to your pillowcase! I am yet to want to take it away with me, but I know a lot of people suffer from allergies etc and need their own linen. The bag helps you to be able to take your pillowcase away with you, and leaving it next to the bed gives you that gentle reminder to not forget to take it home with you!

This makes a really good higher end gift, I know I'm sure my Mum and Grandmother would love gifts like these. At £45 for one or £85 for a pair, it is definitely a splurge. You can't expect to pay pennies for luxury though! If you have that kind of money, then these are a really lovely gift. Or if you feel as though you need a treat, think of £45 as an investment in future you!

What do you guys think? Would you like a silk pillowcase? 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxx 

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