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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

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laser hair removal before after

If you're an avid Instagram story watcher, you may remember me talking about this little beauty in May! This post is all about that device, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. How pretty is the white and pink packaging?

As you may have guessed from its name, it is a hair removal device which uses laser technology. I have been dying to test out a laser hair removal product for the longest time, so I was very excited to get to test out the Tria 4X! The device boasts of its ability to reduce and remove hair permanently. The science side of the device does baffle me a little. But from what I understand, it works by emitting a red light which targets the melanin in your hair, this then disables the hair follicle's ability to regrow hair. Pretty cool isn't it! 

tria laser 4x

The hand-held device is really easy to use. You shave the area first and then apply the device to your skin! The device makes a little beep when the light is emitted and you can feel a little prick on your skin. The higher your settings are, the more that little prick hurts. I now have it on the highest setting and I don't find it too horrendous! It is a little heavier than I thought it would be, but nothing I haven't been able to get used to. I have been all over the place over the Summer and the Tria was very portable, it resided in my suitcase many times!

As the window is very small, it does mean that using the product can take a little while to use, especially if you're using it on your legs! It takes me a good 20 minutes to do both legs (from the knee down). I have found that you have to charge it up for every time you want to use it as well. It isn't very loud, so you can easily watch TV at the same time! The device can be used on any part of your body. 

I have been using the device on my leg hair and have had some really positive results! As you can see from the Before and After pictures, my hair is much more sparse and thinner. I was shaving and using the Tria once every two weeks, but I could shave in between those two weeks! As long as I shaved before using the product. Unfortunately you can't wax or epilate when using this device. For the sake of the Before and After pictures, I left my leg hair to grow for 2 weeks to show you the results. Apologies for the poor After pictures, I tried really hard to get good lighting but life was not on my side that day! 

The hair definitely takes longer to come through now than before. I find that I can easily go a week without shaving and not feel too self conscious about it. The hair feels less prickly when it comes through and feels finer than before. I feel as though the hair is lighter as well. I did go on holiday between my Before and After pictures, which will probably make the hairs look a little bit lighter as well as my skin is slightly more tanned. 

The device retails at £299 on the Tria website. Obviously, that isn't the cheapest of price tags. But considering how expensive salon laser treatment is, it is quite cheap comparatively! So far, I would definitely say it is worth the money. It is one of those products that only time will really tell, and hopefully the results will continue! I may even update this post in the future. But for now, I am thoroughly enjoying the convenience of being able to shave my legs whenever I see fit!

Thank you for reading! Have you ever used the Tria Laser 4X before? Or had laser treatment at all? Let me know! 

Love, Gweni xxx

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