Friday, January 29, 2016

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Review

As I am all about the winged liner at the moment (cheers trich), I decided to treat myself to a new eyeliner. I know, hold me back. I'd seen this eyeliner floating about the old blogesphere, so I popped into my Boots basket and even paid for it with my points.

How I wish I had put it back on the shelf.

Picture this, it is 8.30am, you are rushing to get your makeup done because you have a lovely 9-4pm in University. You want to look FLAWLESS because you know, life. You get all of your makeup done in 15 minutes like a pro, having to give up false lashes because I'm not that much of a pro. You leave your house at 8.50am and get to lectures by 9am (ok, we were like TWO minutes late but it's a 9am so it's acceptable). It was cold outside, you were walking quite quickly but not enough to get an actual sweat on.

50 minutes later, you feel intellectually enriched from all of the information about the nullity of marriage you have just learnt. You have a ten minute break, so you check your snapchat to see what hilarity has occurred in your absence. The front camera opens. You question yourself, ARE THINE EYES DECEIVING ME?

No. No they are not. 

That is really what you look like. 

Yes, that is a true story. This is something that happened to me. I wanted to share with you my negative experience as it has deeply scarred me. 

Thankfully, I was able to clear it up a bit in the lecture (I had even done a little bit before I look that terrible picture) and I had a pencil eyeliner in my bag as well so I was able to fix it as much as possible. 

But that is not the point. It had dried by the time I had left the flat, as I do my eye makeup first and then my foundation etc. It literally had melted off my face within an hour or so. So bizarre. 

I don't know whether I will bother wearing it again, I cannot be bothered to be dealing with that kind of drama at silly o' clock in the morning on a cold Thursday morning. 

For those of you who were wondering what the product is like. It is a liquid, felt pen eyeliner. The felt pen part is pointed, which makes it quite nice to use for winged liner. You can use it as thick or as thin as possible and it is gentle on the lid. It is very black but it does have a shiny, glossy look to it which I wasn't the biggest fan of. But you can always put black eye shadow on top if you don't like that look. The packaging is really cute as well.

But at the end of the day, if it doesn't work as an eyeliner, it really doesn't matter about all of those things. 

I had used it the day before, and I walked 2 miles that day and it held up fine. So maybe it was just a one off. I don't know. All I know is that I used it as I usually use eyeliner and that was the outcome. 

It's a real shame that I used up my Boots points on a product that I probably won't use now, but hey, you live and you learn and hopefully you got a laugh out of this post. 

Thank you for reading and hope you found my misfortune funny. If you have this product, do let me know if you've had a similar experience or is it well-behaved? 

Love, Gweni xxxx

Monday, January 25, 2016

One Year On - What Have I Learnt?

It's officially one whole year since I started this blog, I can't believe it! Although I am by no means a big blogger, I have definitely seen this blog go from strength to strength. My blog has been a big part of my life over the past year and I am SO glad that I took that plunge on a boring January evening to start it. Today, I thought it would share with you some of the things that I have learnt about blogging over the past year. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing what's next in store for my little piece of interwebs.

Pictures. Matter.

I'm a complete sucker for this. I am much more likely to click on a post if the picture is pretty. The downside to this is that I have to make sure my pictures are at least an eight on the pretty scale. I enjoy taking pictures but it can be a bit of a faff, who has the time to find the perfect angle! All that being said, no one can ever take away my photography skills now and hey, it's getting me to be more creative.

Twitter is Bae

For some obscure, unknown reason, it took me a while to get my blog on twitter. Once I did, I found my stats went up and I interacted much more with people. As much as I love Instagram (and I am slightly obsessed with it...), people are much more likely to click on a link from a tweet than going onto my Instagram page to click the link. Twitter is much more to the point and I can schedule tweets. Easy. Twitter chats are also so much fun, I love trying to be hilarious when answering the questions, and of course I have found loads of other bloggers through them.

Blogger Beans are the Best

If you're a blogger, you already know the score. The blogging community is so lovely, everyone is so positive and funny. I love me some blogger bantz. I have found everyone to be super supportive and I've found so many great blogs/bloggers through it. Most recently, the best example of this positive support group is the #TheGirlGang phenomenon. Even though it is all online, nothing beats being part of something positive and empowering. 


On top of improving my writing skills a tenfold, I've also (or I like to think I have) managed to learn how to add my personality into my writing. The blog can be a bit of escapism for me, so it's nice to actually be myself in something I am writing. As much as I enjoy my degree, I highly doubt that it would be acceptable to refer to something as "zangy" in my essay, whereas it is totes cool on here. 


Ok so it's not THAT difficult but it is so time consuming! This post alone has taken me around twenty minutes to write (say waaaaaaaaaaa!). I will have to take some photos as well, then edit them, then add all the little SEO things, schedule tweets for this post and share them on all of my other social media as well. To the people who blog daily, I SALUTE you. You are the real heroes. It is a real commitment, but it is so so worth it. There is nothing more satisfying than pressing that "Publish" button. 

Buying Too Much

You'd think that I was made of money, the way I spend it. It is not healthy. I have at least 100 lipsticks, a majority of them being MAC. On top of that, I buy random stuff to make the background of my pictures look nicer. What normal person collects fake false petals? No one, that's who. Just bloggers. 

Although there are a million other things I could ramble on about, but I won't bore you. I will go and write some more blog posts instead so I can you bore you with them instead. 

Thank you to all of my readers, regular, intermittent or first time readers, you all rock. 

Love, Gweni xxxx

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Teeez Cosmetics Lipstick Review - Guest Post

As I have been knee-deep in essays over the past few weeks, I haven't had much time to blog. Thankfully, Aymie from Aymie Louise is here to save the day with a beauty post! Thank you again Aymie for writing up such a fab piece within such a small deadline! Enjoy!
teeez cosmetics review
Hello lovely readers of G Beauty, for those of you who don't know me I'm Aymie Louise and I run a self titled beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog based in the UK. Before I get started I just want to say thank you to Gweni for allowing me to post, I love this blog! Today I'm guest posting with a beauty piece about the Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in Coral Onyx.

This is an item that was featured in the most recent UK Glossybox and whilst I can't find a link to the item on the official Teeez site, it can be bought on the Glossybox site if you like the idea of the product. It's not really a mainstream brand so you may not have heard of it but you never know what works until you try a few out.

My first thoughts about this lippy is about the creamy consistency, make sure you give your lips a good gentle scrub so your lips a as smooth as possible before application so your lips don't look gross and clumpy. 

The creamy consistency is easy to blend if you want to attempt an ombre look which would look really nice with a slightly darker coral. You could also fill in your lips with a nude lip liner and then lightly brush on the lippy at the edges and blend inwards to create a softer look.

teeez review

The coral shade is actually really nice for Spring so you can start to transition into those gorgeous brighter colours that will start to phase their way back into colour schemes now that Winter is on it's way out. It'll be a nice change from nudes and dark reds, I personally don't suit dark shades and I tend to look like The Joker when I attempt to use them.

Well, thanks again for letting me guest post and thanks for reading! I'd love to know what you think so let me know on Twitter, my handle is @AymieLouise1995 if you're interested!

That lipstick is absolutely gorgeous, I am definitely going to have to try and get my hands on it! Make sure to go and check out Aymies blog for posts like this and more. 

I've never tried any Teeez Cosmetics, have you? Do you have any recommendations? 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxxx

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Organique Bath Bomb

If you're looking for an alternative to a Lush Bath Bomb, check out Organiques Bath Bomb. I was given one to review and I have been very pleased with it!

There was a lot of choice in the shop, but I decided to go with the Pink Raspberry Bath Bomb. It smells really nice, sweet but not too overpowering, and it's pink! Perfect for us princesses.

The bombs are £3.45 each, which aren't too expensive. From my knowledge, they are cheaper than Lush Bath Bombs. I know that Lush doesn't test on animals but I don't think all of their products are vegan friendly. So if you're a vegan, definitely check out these bath bombs! They come in loads of different colours and scents - check them out here.

Dropping it into the bath, the bomb started fizzing instantly. Within a couple of minutes the whole bath was pink and smelt delightful. As soon as I got in, I could feel how moisturising the water was.

I spent a good 30-40 minutes in the bath with some Christmas tunes. My housemate decided to come and do some colouring whilst I was in the bath, overall an enjoyable experience!

My skin has been left feeling really soft, moisturised and smelling divine. It's a soft sweet scent with a hint of floral. Not too overpowering but you can definitely smell it if you go to smell your skin. The smell even clung onto my towel afterwards!

I've been really pleased with this bath bomb! Have you ever tried one? 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxx

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