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How To Create Eyebrows

Following on from my previous blogpost (Trichotillomana | My Journey, Tips & Trichs), I decided to film a tutorial on how I create my eyebrows. It is really easy to do and I hope that you like my video! Don't forget to subscribe if you like this video.

Lots of G Love xx

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trichotillomania | My Journey, Tips & Trichs

If you find yourself pulling out your hair on a regular basis, please go and book an appointment with your local doctor. I can give you advice from my own experience, but I do not have any medical qualifications.

This post is all about my experience with trichotillomania. I've had trichotillomania for ten years so this post will be long but also very personal. I am open about my hair pulling so please do not hesitate to contact me further if you have any questions or just want to chat. I've always been really open to my friends/family about it and no one has ever rejected me, so please do not be scared about opening up to someone about it.

I aim to be able to get my story out to as many people who suffer from Trichotillomania as possible. I want everyone to know that they are not alone. It is incredibly common and as many as 4 out of 100 people could have it.

For those of you who aren't aware of what it is, here is a definition from

Trichotillomania - noun, a compulsion to pull out one's hair

In my case, I pull out my eyebrows and eyelashes.

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures of my face during the worst periods but I have added the few photos that I have found.

My Trichotillomania Story

My journey started when I was around 11 years old when I started boarding school.

I have absolutely no idea what set it off. Perhaps it was the fact that I was starting to wear mascara, maybe it was a subconscious way of dealing with new surroundings. I cannot and will not ever be able to tell you why. 

I am now 21 and I still pull.

The way I pull is that I tend to fold the lash until it breaks, they will get shorter and shorter until I finally pull out the entire lash. As for my eyebrows, I play with them a bit, twist the hairs between my thumb and forefinger and then eventually just pull them out.

The older I got, the worse my pulling became. I have always thought it was linked with stress and the older I got, the more academic stress I had. I had GCSE's, then A Levels and now I have my degree.

I have found that my pulling goes through cycles throughout the year, typically following the academic year. The summer is when I will pull the least and then winter time until exams is when I pull the most. I don't know if I pull less during the Summer because the weather is nicer or because I don't have any academic work. Who knows!

Between 11 and 18, it was mostly just my eyelashes I pulled out. I did not go to see a doctor during this time, as I thought it was just a weird habit.

February 2009 - Bald Patch On Right Eyelash Line
However, I did see a hypnotherapist when I was around 13 or 14. To summarise, he got me to wear elastic bands on my wrists and "trained" me to "ping" myself with the elastic bands whenever I touched my lashes.

The elastic band idea did work whilst I was wearing them, but I do think it is slightly abusive. It was basically a form of punishment for being yourself, which I think is quite degrading. Seeing as what I was doing felt natural to me, by punishing myself, I was subconsciously telling myself that I was a "bad" person. 

From my experience, I would advise to not bother seeing a hypnotherapist. All it did was prolong my battle with the disorder. The same goes for "self-help" audio hypnotherapy that you can download or get in CD form. 

When I was 18 years old, I somehow managed to contract Henoch-Schönlein Purpura. I would get a rash all over my legs and a lot of inflammation in my ankles, which really impaired my ability to walk. This really affected my last six months of school, and I was really starting to pull out my eyelashes a lot.

February 2012, Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
I was dealing with my A Level exams, the pressure of getting into University as well as the fact that I had to write and deliver a speech in front of around 500 people in May. By the end of the school year, I had very short eyelashes.

During the Summer 2012, my legs started to get better and I was able to enjoy my life again and my eyelashes grew back.

I started University in Autumn 2012. My trichotillomania peaked at its worst during my first two years of University.

In November 2012 it had hit one of its lowest points. I remember feeling my lashes and there being 2 lashes on one of my lids. It was completely bare. The weird soft feeling of my lash line still clings in my memory today. I used to wear false lashes on nights out, and even that was a huge struggle because there were no lashes for them to stick onto.

As the academic year progressed, I managed to let my lashes grow after that November but started attacking my eyebrows instead. The picture below was taken during my exam period (April/May 2013) where I had very little to no eyebrow.

Spring 2013, First Year University - Sparse eyebrows

Like I said, Summer is when I seem to pick the least. During the summer of 2013 I let my lashes grow completely and I think most of my eyebrows as well.

My second year of University is when it got to a point where I needed serious help. Between the end of Summer and Christmas Holidays, I had started picking/pulling again. This is where Trichotillomania became more than just a having a bare face. On Christmas Day I couldn't even be around my family. I spent the entire day crying in what felt like non physical pain.

The next 2 months continued like this. I would cry myself to sleep and just feel constantly tired, ill and that anything could set me off. I had multiple "breakdowns" where I would be in a public place and then just had to leave because I would be sobbing so hard.

Spring 2014 Second Year University - Sparse Eyelashes

I felt so beyond helpless. I used to cry before going to lectures, and often missed them. Luckily I was able to catch up with them online later on in the day. I had to reschedule a few seminars (i.e. go to another group) because I just couldn't face going to my own seminar.

I have always really cared about my grades and so I sought out help. I told myself that I couldn't go on like this, and I knew that I needed help as soon as possible.

I tried to go through the NHS but it was so slow that I took matters into my own hands. My parents were able to pay for my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I was extremely lucky to be able to have done that, and I know that most people in my situation would not have been given that privilege.

CBT helped me understand my disorder. It helped me understand what it is and why I do it. By finding out why I did it, I was able to find solutions on how to deal with it.

I was lucky to be able to postpone my exams and did them at the end of August instead. During the Summer of 2014, I grew back a full set of eyelashes and even had full eyebrows. Even though I had spent the entire Summer revising, I was still able to grow everything back and got a happy 2.1 at the end of it.

August 2014 - Full Eyelashes & Eyebrows (Wearing Makeup) 
Fast forward to today, April 2015 and I have started pulling out my eyebrows again. Obviously that's not great but I am happy. I know what triggers me, and I know how to deal with it and I am still pulling less than I used to. This time last year I had no eyebrows or eyelashes. Today, I have a full set of lashes and half eyebrows and my happiness. That to me, is progress. It's a long journey and I will always have good and bad days. 

How I deal with Trichotillomania 

Long Term Solutions

Unless I have missed something, there is no quick and easy way to stop pulling. 

I really hate saying it, let alone posting it to the entire world, because I hate the fact that it's true. I have spent so many hours on the internet reading about the various ways of keeping your hands busy or keeping the areas covered. They will not work long term. This is not something I have been told, this is what I have realised. I have tried all of the different methods. Of course, they will help in certain situations and can work short term. At the end of the day, the reason you want to pull will always be there, with or without a hat on your head or glasses protecting your eyelashes. 

The way I think you have to deal with trich is to get down to the core of what you're feeling. As it comes under a mental health problem, you may want to speak to your doctor about a possibility of having anxiety and or depression as well. Again, I am still not a doctor. But, I will offer some advice that I would have given to a younger version of myself.

I had to find out what triggered my trich and what made me feel like I needed to pull. I needed professional help to realise what my deep rooted issues were, so do not be surprised if you can't figure it out yourself. 

Apart of the obvious cycle of pulling out a hair, feeling like I've failed myself and then pulling out more hairs as a coping mechanism, I had other issues.

My issues were;
  • Low self-esteem, in particular feeling unintelligent
  • Procrastination
I genuinely thought I was stupid, hopeless and just couldn't do anything. I know it sounds ridiculous and borderline attention seeking but it is the truth. I had extremely high standards for myself and anything below that, I deemed a failure.

I had thought that I wouldn't get into University and so when I started, I had the attitude that I was going to fail. I didn't think I was cut out for the course. I ended up just believing I couldn't do the work, then I would procrastinate a lot and not do the work. Then my grades would suffer. When my grades suffered, I felt stupid and so I would pull more. It was a downward spiral.

My solutions were to believe I could do it, then get the work done and to stop procrastinating.

This is so much harder said than done. I just focused on not worrying about the hair pulling, as long as I got some work done. I found that once I did some work, it reflected in my seminar where I could understand what was going on and being able to join in with answering questions etc. My grades started to improve. That made me feel good about myself and made me feel less stupid. I realised that I could do it and I felt better about myself, I was less stressed and as a result: I pulled less. 

It's a positive cycle.

Procrastination in itself had a solution; stop procrastinating. This was a bit of a knock on effect from the low self-esteem. Don't get me wrong, I can still procrastinate until the cows come home. The difference now, is that I understand what happens when I procrastinate. I know that I will pull more and I know I will be more stressed later on. So, I just try and not procrastinate as much as I can. I find making "To Do Lists" really help with this. 

My Cycle

There are so many layers to my trich that it's difficult to simplify it to one written cycle but here is a basic version of it.

Think I'm unintelligent > Think that I can't do my work > See I have a lot of work to do > Put off doing my work because I don't think I can do it > Pull > Don't do the work > Grades suffer > Pull > Feel like a failure for pulling > Pull 

So by telling myself that I was clever and that I wouldn't be in the position that I was in if it weren't for my intellectual capability, I was having a knock on effect on my cycle. The same goes with procrastination, I am breaking the cycle a little bit more by not procrastinating.

Think I'm intelligent > Feel like I can do my work > Do my work > See my progress > Do well > Feel less stressed > Pull less > Feel good for pulling less > Feeling like I can accomplish things > Pull less 

Short Term Solutions

If you have scrolled down to this section, please scroll back up and read everything else first. This section will not help you tackle your hair pulling in the long term. 

Taking on board everything that I have learnt about myself and how to deal with my thoughts, I also still have the issue of stopping myself from actually pulling. Guess what the solution is.

Stop pulling.

Again, easier said than done. 

This is the most mentally draining part of the ordeal. It is really hard, but it can be done. 

Whenever I catch myself pulling, I will move my hand away. It is really hard to move my hand away, and most of the time, I will find my hand back there within 30 seconds. But the more I do this, the less my hand goes back there. The key is to not feel bad about it. You are not a bad person or a failure for doing something that feels natural to you. 

Somedays are bad days and I just don't have the energy to stop myself, that it is ok because it is a process. I'm pulling far less than I was two years ago, and hopefully I will be pulling less in two years time, than I am today. 

When I find my hand going back a lot. I will try and get myself out of the situation. If I am doing it during studying, I will get up and get a cup of tea. Or if I'm trying to sleep but attacking my face instead, I will get up and go to the toilet. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you can't remove yourself, take a deep breath. I like to do this even in situations where I can remove myself. Breathing really helps, it is a natural relaxant and can change your mindset within 10 seconds.

I have a few things that help me when I'm pretty desperate:
  • Alice bands on my eyebrows
  • Wearing reading glasses (you can get ones with false lenses)
  • Putting vaseline (or any similar product) on your areas to make it harder to pull
  • Wearing gloves 

Please remember that you can't rely on these methods, they will not 'cure' you. 

For other types of trich
  • Hats
  • Long sleeved clothing
  • Long trousers
I like using incentives to help me stop. For example, eyelash and eyebrow serums. In the past I have used Mavala Double Lash. I have a rapid brow in the post and I am hoping that will help me during this exam period.

My last piece of advice is: 
Do not let it become your identity. Do not let it stop anything you want to do. It is not you, it is something you deal with.

To Summarise
My advice to you would be: 

- Do not feel bad about pulling out a hair
 - Take it day by day, there will be good and bad days
- Find out what triggers you & find a solution  
- Go and speak to a doctor about your condition
- Speak to loved ones about how you are feeling
- Remember that hair grows back!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that I have been able to help at least one person. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want someone to talk to. I am active on a lot of social media, Twitter and Instagram being my main ones but I am also contactable through my Facebook page. 

I am planning on writing a blogpost and or doing a youtube video describing how I create my eyebrows. Please do subscribe to my Youtube channel, or at least follow me on one of the aforementioned platforms to make sure you don't miss out on those tips! 

Love, G x

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Affordable Daytime Spring Makeup

Salut! This is just a quick post to show you the makeup from my recent video! It is a really easy affordable spring look for the day time, perfect for a Sunday afternoon or just a fresh work look. This is also following on from my high end night time spring makeup look!

All of the products used are mentioned below for you. Also, if you suffer from trichotillomania or have sparse brows, I do have a few tips on there as well. Enjoy!

Products Used

  • NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer
  • Revlon Colorstay in 220 Natural Beige
  • Makeup Revolution I Heart Brows in I woke up this groomed
  • Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer in 03 Light
  • Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3
  • Natural Collection LashLength Mascara
  • Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup, The Go Bronzer Chocolate Desire
  • Barry M Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette - The Blush
  • Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights
  • Makeup Revolution Lip Lava in Tremor
  • Real Techniques & Kiko Brushes 
Let me know what you think of this look! I really like it and I hope you do too. 

Have a nice weekend! Lots of G love xxx

P.S. Don't forget to check out my Instagram giveaway for your chance to win the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Evening Makeup Tutorial

I created this evening spring time look last week using mostly high end products and wanted to share with you all of the products that I used to create it! I really love a pearl pink/purple smokey eye, I think it's really perfect for a light night time makeup and date nights! If you would like to see how I created it, look no further and press play on my YouTube video! 

These are all the products that I used to create this look:
  • MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Tease, Verve, YDK and Busted
  • MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray
  • NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner
  • L'oreal Telescopic Mascara in Black
  • Laura Mercier Brow Duo in Soft Blonde
  • Benefit Porefessional
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear in 2N1 Desert Beige
  • NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Santa Fe
  • NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer
  • NARS Enrapture Blush
  • NARS Albatross Highlighter
  • MAC Faux Lipstick
I am planning on doing a day time spring look using drugstore/high street products - so keep your eyes pealed!

Lots of G love xxxx
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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Berlin Weekend

I spent my Easter weekend in Berlin and wanted to share with you my experience! I really loved Berlin and really enjoyed sharing my experience! I have also included my vlog here as well. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this, I've visited a few European cities recently and would love to share with you all! Enjoy.


We spent all day Friday travelling, nothing too exciting. A good way of travelling around Europe, especially in Germany, is through Mein Fern Bus and this is how we did it. It cost us around 40€ from Offenburg to Berlin. We got held up an hour because a man on the bus had been caught stealing from a couple of girls. When the police embarked, we had no idea what was going on because everything was in German. After some terrible translation with the other passengers, we found what had happened and we continued our journey to Berlin. It was a really long day travelling, we left around 9am and got to Berlin at around 10.30pm. We went straight to the hostel, maccies then bed.

Sunset on the way to Berlin


I was rudely awoken on Saturday morning to the sound of a scouse mouse telling me I needed to get up. Begrudgingly, I got ready and we headed out to big bad Berlin for some sightseeing. We saw Checkpoint Charlie and had a wonder around the local area before heading over to the starting point of the walking tour. We had a bit of trouble navigating our way to the starting point, which led to a lot of rushing around and sore feet.

The walking tour was so helpful and informative, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Berlin or just a new city. Although I struggled with hearing at some points, I still found out some really interesting facts about Berlin. I had studied and enjoyed History at GCSE and A Level (focusing on communism and the world wars) so I really enjoyed the tour. The tour informed us about some facts about the Berlin Wall and of course, Hitler. Did anyone else know that Hitler was on speed during his time as Chancellor? It blew my mind.

The TV Tower
One really moving part of the tour, and of Berlin, was the Holocaust Memorial. It's a really strange piece of architecture but incredibly powerful. It was designed to symbolise the holocaust. The different sizes of the blocks were to symbolise that all days were different, and the fact that you could easily get lost and lose your friends were to show the loss of identity in a concentration camp and the fact that inmates could never see a fellow inmate again. It's difficult to describe, it's one of those things you just have to experience yourself.

Me in the Holocaust Memorial
The tour ended at the Brandenburg Gate, a really beautiful piece of architecture. It was really busy in this area and we even saw a wedding party! We then headed off to have a look at the Reichstag. We encountered a downpour of rain at this point, not the highest point of the trip. Looking back at it now, the Reichstag is not what I expected. I thought it would be much bigger and be surrounded by other buildings. In reality, it was actually fairly secluded, in comparison to other buildings we had seen that day.

The Brandenburg Gate
The Reichstag

After the Reichstag, we headed over to the train station to pick up some pharmacy supplies. We ended up really struggling to find the tram back into the centre. There are two systems in Berlin, the U Bahn and the S Bahn. The U Bahn is their underground system, and is really easy to follow. But the S Bahn, a tram system, seemed to be almost impossible to figure out. After a good hour, we found our way back to Alexanderplatz and got ourselves a delicious burrito.

We had our burritos in a quirky establishment called Dolores Burrito. Essentially, you made your own burrito (by asking for your preferred ingredients) and then ate it there and then. I had a yummy burrito in a bowl with nachos. I don't really know why I didn't fancy a wrap, sometimes I am just too lazy for my own good and a fork seemed to be less effort. I also had a strawberry juice which was delicious. Dolores Burrito seemed to be a big hit with Berliners, as we heard very little english spoken and we saw a lot of interesting outfits. This is the link for their website if anyone was interested. It looked like it was well catered for vegans and vegetarians as well.

Me and my Burrito in a Bowl
After being fed and watered, we got ready at the hostel and headed out to a bar crawl. Honestly, I have no idea where the bar crawl took place. Our main girl Ellie took us there and we met up with some fellow Strasbourgians there. The night was a bit of a blur and I managed to not pay for a single drink, even though every time I went to the bar I was fully intending to buy my own. It was a Saturday night so perhaps people were feeling generous! We ended up at a club called the Matrix which was pretty good. Only 10€ entry, which is surprisingly cheap for a Saturday night in a capital city. Again, no complaints from me. We ended up getting back to the hostel around 6am and had a few hours sleep.


Due to a slight lack of sleep, we spent Sunday slightly delirious and laughing a lot. We headed back to Alexanderplatz and got ourselves some Currywurst. In this case, it was chopped up sausage in a curry sauce of which I ate with some potatoes. I can't say it was the best meal I'd ever eaten, but it was nice and I was glad to have tasted one of the traditional meals that Berlin has to offer.

After some more trouble with the dreaded S Bahn, we managed to get over to the East Side Gallery. This was one of my favourite parts of the trip. I really loved walking along and seeing all of the different artwork. There were a lot of meaningful messages, or "poignant" as Emily described it, and also a lot of bright colours to look at. There were also a lot of funny messages written on the wall by visiting tourists which were a subject of many of our jokes. Do check out my vlog to see more of the wall, as a lot of it was shown.

Me and the Berlin Wall

We spent the rest of the evening having a few drinks in a hostel bar. We were pretty worn out by this point and we enjoyed a chilled night. We got back to our hostel and woke up in the early hours to get our car share back to Strasbourg. Check out Blablacar for car shares, I've had 3 really positive experiences so far! Our driver was really lovely, a polish rugby player who lived in Strasbourg. We ended up having to speak french at 6.30am but it was worth it. I got to sleep for over half of the journey and I was back in my nice warm room by 1pm on Monday!

Overall, I really really enjoyed my trip to Berlin. The only downside to it is that my trip wasn't long enough! The buildings were really beautiful and there was a real sense of diversity amongst Berliners. The weather was great, considering it was April, meaning that my jacket, scarf and jeans were enough to keep me warm.

Please do get in touch and tell me about your experiences with Berlin and or let me know what you think of my blogpost or my vlog!

Lots of G love xxxxx

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Clinique Makeup Removers

As I own the three main makeup removers by Clinique, I thought I would do a quick review on them! All three are completely different, they have different textures as well as purposes. They all come in purple packaging, which I absolutely love and I think they look so pretty together.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This is my newest purchase in my collection of Clinique makeup removers. This was really weird when I first bought it, as I had never used a balm makeup remover before. Its super easy to use, you just dip your finger in and swirl it around, as you would with a lip balm, until you have enough product on it and then distribute it onto your dry face. You don't need much product to cover your entire face, so the pot does tend to last a pretty long time. I bought this in January 2015, I believe, and it has not gone down much at all. The instructions are that you should pop it on your dry face and then rinse off with water. I, however, am lazy. So I will happily pop it onto my face and then wipe it off with some makeup wipes, which are of course wet, and it does the job just the same. You are able to use this on eye makeup as well, but I prefer not to. I would happily use it for eyeshadow but it is a bit of hassle to take off mascara, especially as I do tend to wear a lot of mascara. As it is a balm, it is really moisturising on the skin and leaves it feeling soft. But I would not recommend this for people who have oily skin, unless you're going to go in with a full face wash afterwards. Again, I am lazy and only wash my face once a day in the morning, so when I use this on the night the silky soft feeling sort of works as a bit of a night moisturiser for me.

Price: £22.00 for 125ml

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

This is one of my all time favourite products. It gets off your eye makeup really quickly and without irritating my eyes. It feels really odd the first time you use it. It is a really soft formula and feels silky on your skin but slightly greasy. It takes off everything really easily, including really stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Clinique recommend using a cotton ball but I use this with cotton pads. I find that cotton balls can fall apart whilst using them, getting bits of fluff in your eyes. But application is perfect using the cotton pads. I feel like it does nourish your eye area when you use it, but I'm not sure if it does actually have ingredients that are made to nourish the area. The only down side to this product is that it can run out quickly. Out of all of my Clinique skincare products I own, this is the one that goes down the quickest. Apart from that, if you have sensitive eyes I would definitely recommend this for you. If you're not sure about it but want to try it you can always ask for a sample. If not, it's really easy to get a small sized bottle as part of Clinique Bonus Time, I find that they're often included.

Price: £17.00 for 125ml

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

This product is my least loved out of the three, despite the fact that it's on its last legs. I bought this product around 6 years ago, if not even longer than that (sue me, use by dates) but I stopped using it at the time as it was way too moisturising for me. The packaging instructs you to massage the product all over the skin and then rinse or tissue off. I never use water to take it off, again because I am lazy and don't like getting my hair wet before bed. Am I alone in this? I hate it! Anyway, so I tend to just put it on a cotton pad and massage it all over my face. This does work but I find I have to use quite a few cotton pads to do it. That's why I prefer the balm, as it takes one makeup wipe to get rid of it all. I used to use the same makeup wipe trick with the milk but it irritates my eyes. When I originally bought the product, I had asked if it took off eye makeup and the sales assistant told me that I could. Either she was ignorant or she was lying because it stings the living hell out of your eyes. As it is a Cleansing Milk, it is really moisturising on the skin. I would definitely recommend this for people who have really dry skin and are only looking for face makeup remover. Otherwise, for the price you pay, I feel like there are hundreds of cheaper alternatives. But they may not look as pretty.

Price: £19.00 for 200ml

Thank you for reading and please let me know in the comments what your experiences with Clinique makeup removers are! I have also done a post on the Clinique 3-Step and the Sonic Brush if you are interested in hearing more about my experiences and thoughts about Clinique skin products. 

Lots of G love xxx
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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Hi guys! As exam and revision time upon us, I thought I'd do something a bit fun to ease the process. So during the month of April, I have decided to do a Makeup Giveaway of the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette!

This competition is running on Instagram, so please do go and check out my Instagram (@g_beauty_blog) and the rules for your chance of winning.

The rules are as followed:

1) You must be following me on Instagram
2) Repost the Giveaway post with the hashtags: #gbeauty and #makeupgiveaway
3) Tell me what your favourite product(s) are and why! (preferably written in the repost)
4) Tag my account (g_beauty_blog) in your repost picture

The competition is international and will close on the 30th April 2015 at midnight (UK time). You may enter as many times as you like, and the winner will be chosen at random, so more reposts equals a higher chance of winning! 

Good luck and really looking forward to everyones responses.

Lots of G love xxxx

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