Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eye Makeup For No Eyelashes

As a result of my trichotillomania, I have unfortunately pulled out a lot of my eyelashes. I thought I would make a positive out of this negative situation and share with you my tips for covering up my bald patches with makeup! If you want to hear more about my Trichotillomania story, click here. Or if you want advice on covering up bald eyebrows then click here! I also have a few youtube videos here if you want to check them out too.

No Eyelashes Makeup: G Beauty

At the moment, my lashes are all different lengths so it has been quite difficult for me to cover it up. What I do is quite simple but it can take a while to get used to it. If you have any tips on covering up problem lashes, I would love to hear your suggestions.

If you're a trichster, I'm sure you are well adept in the world of winged liner. This has been a bit of a life saviour for me recently. You can make the line quite thick so that it's hardly noticeable that the lashes are all at awkward lengths. My favourite eyeliner product is by far the Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner. It just doesn't budge all day, you even need a proper eye makeup remover to take it off. This is particularly good for us trichsters, if you find yourself pulling in public then you don't have to worry too much about the eyeliner coming off. 

Aside from the formula being awesome, the pen itself is really easy to use. You do have to get the hang of it at first but once you do then you will never look back. As for drawing on the line itself, I think this comes down to preference. What I do is draw a line on the lash line and then draw a separate winged line. For the winged line, I follow my bottom lash line for the angle for the winged line. I then connect the two lines together and thicken it a bit. I hope that makes sense. I am no expert on winged liner, that is just what I've learnt over the past couple of months. I've taken a few pictures and put them in a collage below, I hope that helps!

Eyeliner Makeup For No Lashes: G Beauty
Products used: Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, Nars Larger Than Life eyeliner, Fleur de Force Eylure False Lashes in Simply Fleur, Naked and Buck eyeshadows from Urban Decay

I would advise putting some eyeshadow on first as winged liner can look a little out of place on non makeuped skin. Obviously, that is just my personal preference. For subtle makeup I choose matte neutral eyeshadows, e.g. Naked and Buck from the Urban Decay Naked palette or Cashmere and Sexpresso from the Natural Matte palette by Too Faced. If you want cheap alternatives, look at the Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements palette. Otherwise, go crazy on your eyeshadow!

No Eyelashes Makeup: G Beauty

After the winged liner and eyeshadow, I will then curl whatever lashes I have. Then pop on a kohl eyeliner in my upper water lash line. This is easily the best way to cover up your bald patches by just popping it on them. Some of my favourite liners are the Rimmel Scandaleyes, the NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner and Makeup Revolution All Day and Night eyeliner. Honestly, there aren't many terrible kohl eyeliners out there so no need to worry if you don't own any of these.

After I've make sure I've got enough black liner on, I pop some mascara on my lashes. I don't put much on because I don't want to draw much attention to them and I think it'll be better for the growth of the lashes.

No Eyelashes Makeup: G Beauty

That is what I do for just normal days in University. If I'm going out doing something other than just work, chances are I will wear false lashes as well. I don't tend to wear them daily because, who can be bothered for the drama of putting on falsies EVERY morning and I don't want to stunt my lash growth with eyelash glue etc. 

For every day lashes, I really like the Connie lashes by Vintage Cosmetics Company, Eylure false lashes in 070 and Eylure Fleur De Forces Simply Fleur false lashes. All of these are fairly weightless and give a natural effect. I am wearing the Fleur De Force lashes in the 'tutorial' picture above.

No Eyelashes Makeup: G Beauty

No Eyelashes Makeup: G Beauty

As for going out lashes, I prefer to wear ones that are a bit thicker and more bold, especially as my makeup is usually a bit more dramatic. My favourite ones are the Eylure 101 (not pictured because mine are quite skanky at the moment...). I have quite round eyes so I'm lucky in that false lashes suit me but I know that they're not for everyone. I have found that there is a lot of trial and error with false lashes, with different kinds and also cutting them to see what suits you. 

That pretty much sums up how I cover up my trich on my eyelashes! I hope that helps any of you out there struggling with hair loss or hair pulling problems. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have and let me know what you think in the comments!



jones elizabeth said...

Wow, these lashes look beautiful! I love how they look on you! I've always heard amazing things about.. Mink Eyelashes

Unknown said...

Im 25 and have pulled my eyelashes sense 4th grade, my eyelashes no longer grow back on the bottom. Whats your recommendation to fix? Im also having a problem with the fake lashes stabbing me in the inner eye lol not sure what to do.

Weezie said...

You can actually buy false bottom lashes. They tend to be a lot shorter and finer than the usual top lashes.

The stabbing in the corner of your eye could either be that you need to trim the lashes a bit as the band is too long for your eye, or you might be trying to place it too near to the corner.

Finally, it could be that your inner corner might water a bit causing the glue to stop being as sticky and then they start to lift and shift a bit.

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