Saturday, October 31, 2015

Organique Shower Gel & Body Lotion Review

If you keep up with my blog, first of all thank you and secondly you may be aware that I visited the Organique store in Birmingham recently. You can read all about the store and the brand here! Whilst there, I was kindly given the Nasturtium & Grenadine Aromatic Shower Gel and Velvet Body Lotion to review.

Organique Shower Gel & Body Lotion Review: G Beauty

The formula for both of these products are certified vegan. They don't have any parabens or silicones or any of that nasty stuff so I know that I won't be putting any chemical harshness on my skin as well as looking after our planet. From a brand called Organique, can you believe it? All of the products can be found on the Organique webite: Otherwise you can visit Justyna in her store in Birmingham where you can also get student discount!

Nasturtium & Grenadine Aromatic Shower Gel

Although I am usually much more of a shower cream kind of gal, I decided I would still give the Organique Shower Gel Nasturtium & Grenadine a go and have been pleasantly surprised. I was really worried that I was going to have the same issue as I do with other shower gels, whereby they leave my skin feeling tight but this shower gel didn't do that at all. In fact, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.

Organique Shower Gel & Body Lotion Review: G Beauty

The fragrance is pleasantly peculiar. It has a sharp citrus fruit smell, presumably the grenadine working its magic, but with a slight hint of floral. It is VERY fresh and zangy. I honestly cannot describe the smell in any other word than zangy. I have just googled the meaning of zangy and according to urban dictionary, it's a mixture of zing and tangy. Don't say I never taught you anything. 

The smell lasts on my skin all day, keeping me feeling fresh, fly, fierce and fabulous all at the same time. I am all about the adjectives today. The bottle itself is very easy to use but it does take quite a few pumps to get a sufficient amount of product. Not really an issue for me to be honest. I really quite like having a pump, really brings a bit of diversity into the old shower routine.

Nasturtium & Grenadine Velvet Body Lotion

Now, I'm not going to lie, I am useless at putting on moisturiser. Hence why I opt for moisturising shower gels. BUT I have made an effort to use this moisturiser as much as possible for this blogpost.

Organique Shower Gel & Body Lotion Review: G Beauty

The formula itself is easy to apply. It sheers out quite easily once popped on the skin, it doesn't take very long to rub in at all. The smell again is the same as the shower gel, zingy zangy and tangy but potentially more potent. You don't have to put your nose too close to smell the scent but it also isn't so strong that it's over powering. If you're someone who enjoys smelling your own skin (guilty) then you will like this.

It leaves your skin feeling soft and not greasy at all. The lotion sinks in really quickly, no need to worry about it leaving that horrid sticky feeling afterwards. If it had done that, I probably wouldn't have written this post. I hate it when body butters/creams etc do that, it puts me right off. Luckily, this moisturiser doesn't do this! 

The two bottles are 250ml and I am sure will last a really long time. I've been using the moisturiser very often and I've hardly scratched the surface. I will definitely consider purchasing some more when these bottles run out in 20 years time.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do let me know if you've used any Organique products before, I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Love, Gweni xxx 

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