Friday, November 06, 2015

Praire Charms Box Review

I know, I know. I'm about 2 months late writing this post. Oops! Moving on with the show.

At the start of the summer, Prairie Charms got in touch with me via twitter asking if I wanted to be a part of their next subscription-esque box. Although I usually do say no to blogging opportunities that include paying for things yourself, but something about this brand got me excited. It was a little more interesting than just beauty products, as the box is supposedly tailored to you and your tastes and I was told that my blogs name would be advertised in the box.

Prairie Charms Box Review

I have filmed an unboxing video and I will eventually get it edited and popped onto the old interwebs. But for now, my degree is my number one priority! All good things come to those who wait. And work hard on their degree. I hope. 

From the photos, you can probably see how pretty and colourful the box is. It was a Luau Party theme and they really did stick to it. I love bright colours, especially pink and blue so it was very aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

Prairie Charms Box Review

Prairie Charms Box Review

There were loads of cute little confetti type presents in there which I had assumed we're put in especially for us bloggers to use in the backgrounds of our pictures. I sadly left them at home so they won't be making an appearance in my blogposts soon, my deepest apologies. 

I was also sent an assortment of sugary american snacks. I ate those bad boys up in pretty much one sitting of 2 minutes. Sorry not sorry. They were yummy (from what I remember!).

Prairie Charms Box Review

There were a few hair pieces in there as well. A clip with a shell on it and some hair ties. I've been wearing the ties quite often and I am a fan. They don't leave a kink in your hair and are really comfortable to wear. They're also really cute. I love my scrunchie as well. I would have preferred to have gotten the box at the start of the summer though so I could have gotten some more wear out of them!

Prairie Charms Box Review

My second favourite piece from the box was the necklace I received. It's just a simple chain with a black bead on the end. Unfortunately, I think it was sized for a child. The chain is absolutely tiny and does not fit around my neck. I am a little disappointed to be honest, considering I am quite obviously not an 8 year old. I don't have a particularly thick neck either, and I am even quite a small person (big up 5ft) so I don't think I am the problem here. I didn't notice this until after a couple of weeks ago (around 2 months after receiving it), so I think it might be too late for something to be done about it.

EDIT: It was an anklet. I'm an idiot.

Prairie Charms Box Review

Last but never least, my favourite piece was easily the floral headband. I am princess of all things pretty and colourful when wearing this headband. I quite often wear it whilst doing my makeup, much to my housemates enjoyment (hi girlies :)). I love it and makes up for the fact that I can't wear that necklace! 

All in all, would I get another box? Probably not. I'm sorry. The Prairie Charms team are absolutely lovely and I couldn't fault them at all. They always replied to my messages and are positively delightful. BUT for £22.50, it just isn't really for me. My blog link was written in very tiny print on the back of a card and I had paid for the box sometime in June and it didn't arrive until the end of September. The team did send me emails keeping me updated on the boxes but I never felt like I knew when the box would arrive. 

Also, I'm more of a makeup kind of person so it just isn't in my best interests to spend a lot of money on jewellery subscription boxes! If you love these kind of things then I would most definitely recommend them. Everything in the box was of great quality and it was really fun, the colours used were beautiful and it was really fun opening the box and getting it in the post! Even if it was 2 minutes before I was leaving the house to go on holiday!

As always, I hope you enjoyed my post! Have you ever gotten anything from Prairie Charms before? 

Love, Gweni xxx 

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