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Brow Products for Bald Brows

This post describes all of the different types of eyebrow products that help me create eyebrows and cover up my bald patches. If you're unaware, I have a hair pulling disorder called Trichotillomania which includes me pulling out my eyebrows. If you want to have a read of my experience with this disorder then please check out my blogpost - here. I have also filmed two youtube videos on this, one on how to create eyebrows and another showing all of the different products in my eyebrows. Scroll down to the bottom if you'd like to watch them! Otherwise, here is my post describing different types of brow products and my opinions of them.

Eyebrow Products for Bald Eyebrows

Pretty and Polished, a fellow beauty blogger with trich has also written a post similar to this, feel free to check hers out here as well!

Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow Products for Bald Eyebrows - Trichotillomania

This product is the one I use the most of but it does take a long time to draw on brows with. Out of all of the products, I think this gives the most realistic look of brows. You can put on as many layers of the powder on as you want. I've started to put pencil on and then powder on top and I find that is a good way of creating brows. I recommend patting and dabbing your angled brush onto your brows rather than using brush like strokes. Some eyebrow powder sets have a waxy product to pop on your brows first, I love these waxes! I'm not 100% sure that they make a difference but I do always feel that little bit more confident with it on.

My Eyebrow Powder Recommendations

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow Products for Bald Eyebrows - Trichotillomania

Eyebrow pencils are probably the most used brow products. I used to use my Maxfactor eyebrow pencil religiously. When I say religiously, I mean because I had no eyebrows and had no idea about other brow products. I tend to stay away from pencils because my eyebrow area is often quite sensitive and brow pencils can be rough on the skin. However, they are the quickest way of drawing on brows from nothing. The look it gives is good but I find it's quite difficult to put more than one layer of it on. Like I said, I like to put on some powder afterwards. I have also found that pencil can reflect bald patches but I think a bit of brow powder tends to get rid of that shine.

My Eyebrow Pencil Recommendations

Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow Products for Bald Eyebrows - Trichotillomania

Despite the name, this tint is not permanent. It's a liquid you pop on and basically paint your eyebrows on. This makes your eyebrows look quite drawn on but it doesn't budge when it's on. I tend to put this on before anything else, then the foundation tends to tone it down a little bit. I can draw on eyebrows really quickly and precisely with a tint and an angled brush. I don't have to keep on layering it on because it's already the colour that I want my brows to be. It's not the most natural way of creating eyebrows but it is my failsafe. If I have an all day event to go to, I feel most confident with this on and a bit of brow powder on top.

My Eyebrow Tint Recommendations

Check out Makeup Revolutions tints as well

Eyebrow Wax

Eyebrow Products for Bald Eyebrows - Trichotillomania

In my picture above, you can see I have the wax side which came in a Benefit set. I never use it as it doesn't cover up my bald patches. I have tried the Browzings set a couple of times and I don't HATE it when used in combination with a powder, but I just don't love it.  This is definitely better for people who have eyebrows. This would definitely keep your brows tamed and in place whilst giving it a tint. Serious jelly bean over here right now.

Well known Eyebrow Waxes

Eyebrow Mascaras

This is another product that I wish I could use. This would be great for people who have thin brows but want to thicken them up a bit and set them without making much of an effort. Some have fibre hairs in them that latch on to your hairs, making them appear thicker.

You can also get clear mascara gels that I do sometimes use to set what brow hairs I have. I do tend to have to put on some powder on top though if I do use it so I prefer using clear wax products that come with brow powder sets.

Well Known Eyebrow Mascaras

My Youtube Videos 

Thank you for reading and I hope that this post was of some use to you! What are your favourite brow products?

Love G xxx


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