Sunday, September 10, 2017

John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

Frizz Ease John Frieda

Over the last month or so I have been taming my mane with this fab Frizz Ease range from John Frieda! Although my hair isn't horrendously frizzy, I do notice that it does get a little worse over Summer so I thought I would give these beauties a go.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum are all aimed to try and de-frizz hair, as you could probably work out yourself! The range uses ingredients such as pure coconut oil to de-frizz hair. Not only do the products tame your hair, they actually work in a way to build up "frizz immunity", so that every time that you use them - your hair becomes less and less frizzy!

As I highlight my hair and have relatively curly hair, I inevitably have a layer of frizz on the top of my head. It has never bothered me hugely, much to my mother's despair, but as I have started a proper adult big girl job - I am a little bit more invested in making myself look more presentable.

I have found the combination of all three give me the best results, especially after use of them for a month. My hair is hardly frizzy at all when it's curly now! I've found the condition of my hair is much better as well. My hair doesn't feel particularly silky or anything, but it is quite soft and it does just generally feel like it is healthy!

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell really nice, a very clean shampoo smell, which lasts on the hair for a long time. The Shampoo lathers up easily, washes out easily and has a pearlescent look to it. The Conditioner is your standard white and makes your hair feel really soft and well, conditioned!

The Serum is really easy to use. I usually use it as soon as I get out of the shower. I press down on the pump once and get a pea-sized amount of serum and then distribute! I start from around half way down my head and take it down to the ends. I don't like putting serums in my roots because you run the risk of your hair looking greasy.
De frizz products

The Shampoo and Conditioner retail at £6.99 each on Boots, I have also seen that they have a 3 for 2 offer running at the moment! And I've also noticed that Feelunique have a discount on the products too! The Serum is a little bit more expensive, at £6.99, which is also available at Superdrug. So essentially, you can get these products quite easily online and in-store. The Shampoo and Conditioner are 250ml each and they're on their last legs with me now. I've had them for just over a month and I wash my hair every 2 days on average. The serum has hardly touched the sides, so that will definitely be with me for a quite a while longer!

All in all, I really like the range. It leaves my hair feeling strong, healthy and smelling nice with reduced frizz - what more can a girl want?!

Thank you for reading! What are your top tips to avoid frizz? Have you ever tried the Frizz Ease range?

Love, Gweni xxx

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