Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tweepi Hair Removal Wand

It's no secret that I am a little bit on the hairy side, so when I was offered to test out the Tweepi hair removal wand I just thought why not! I was a little skeptical, I mean it does look very different to what I'm used to but I had nothing to lose. Apart from some facial hair, of course. Just to give you some context, I've been waxing (with Veet easy wax strips) my upper lip for around six years.

The box it comes in is very small and sleek, and inside there is the wand, the cooling gel patch and the instructions. The wand itself is very light and portable, and the patch is tiny. They would take up a hardly any space in a wash bag - making it good for holidays and travelling. Something most people probably don't have to worry about, but I usually take a wax strip with me on holiday!

As for using it, it was relatively easy. It is as simple as bending the wand into a U shape and then twisting the wand. It pulls the hairs out with the rotation of the wand, and the hairs get caught in the little gaps. It is advertised as pain-free but unfortunately it was not - not wholly unexpected for a hair-remover! The first few times I did it, it hurt a little but I got used to it pretty quickly - just like you do with waxing and threading. Actually, if I were to liken it to anything, it would definitely be threading.

With it being my first time testing out the wand, it took me a little while to do it - I'd estimate around 10 minutes in total. Hopefully it'll take me less time in the future. It's left me with a smooth upper lip, having removed pretty much all of the hair. There were a few stubborn ones that I'll probably have to tackle with a tweezer, but all in all a very effective hair remover!

In comparison to waxing, using the Tweepi saves me all of the mess that comes with waxing. I usually have to cut off a piece and make sure that I do it before I get in the shower, this is something I don't have to worry about with the Tweepi. But on the other hand, waxing is quicker as it gets all the hair off in pretty much just two pulls. There are pros and cons to both, but the two leave my skin feeling smooth and hair-free. It is just the matter of how quickly the hair grows back to test now!

2 months later

At first, I didn't think it took any more or less time for the hair to grow back compared with waxing. However, the longer the time has gone on, I've realised that the hair has become finer and less noticeable and taking longer to grow back. I didn't think this would happen at all, and have been very pleasantly surprised!

Don't get me wrong though, it does not get any less painful the more you use it. It makes my eyes water a little at the start, then you get used to the pain and get on with it. It still takes me a little while to do it, and some hairs can be a little difficult to get - but overall it's a very simple process. I haven't tried cleaning it as such, but I do stretch the wand and blow out the little hairs. I'm sure a quick rinse would do the job though.

I don't tend to use the cooling gel patch at all, as I didn't feel like it helped me much at all. I suppose my skin is very used to hair removal, perhaps it is a little less sensitive and is not in need of the patch!

I have definitely been converted to a hair removal wand user over wax for my upper lip hair. It's much less messy than waxing, the hair takes longer to grow back and has come back finer. The wand is extremely portable and easy to use, once you get the hang of it. If anyone is looking for an alternative hair removal product, you can't go wrong with Tweepi.

You can get your Tweepi wand on the Tweepi website or on Amazon below!

What do you guys think? Would you give the Tweepi a go? 

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Love, Gweni xxx 

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