Sunday, January 08, 2017

Nature's Candy Bath Blaster

Nature's Candy Bath Bomb

Nature's Candy Bath Bomb

Nature's Candy Bath Bomb

Nature's Candy Bath Bomb

I've really gotten into bath bombs over the last year or so, especially during the winter months. What else is there to do in the evenings when they start at 4pm?! I was pretty excited when I was asked to choose my own bath bomb off the Soap Bombs website.

The website was really easy to use, with piles and piles of bath bombs to choose from. After much deliberation - I chose the Nature's Candy Bath Blaster. This one retails at £2.50 - how cheap is that? The delivery was really quick and it was packaged up tightly so that it wasn't damaged en route.

The bomb itself is pastel pink and blue, with a pretty flower design on top. Thankfully, it also smelt as good as it looked. The smell is a very clean, powder smell but also quite sweet.

After a long day of exams, wine and shopping - I decided to give it a go! As soon as it was in the water, it started fizzing like a mad man. Soon my water turned a clear pink. The flower actually didn't dissolve properly, so I had petals in the bath with me in the end, which was pretty pleasant! I spent an hour or so in the bath, loving life. 

Although the bath's smell wasn't overpowering, the scent really stuck to my skin. Nothing makes me happier than post-bath bomb skin! I was so excited to go to bed with my newly pampered skin.

All in all, I've been really happy with the bath bomb! Make sure to go check out the Soap Bombs website next time you're looking for a new bath treat.

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Love, Gweni xxx

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