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Favourite Trich Bloggers

Trichotillomania Bloggers
As a pretty keen advocate for spreading awareness for Trichotillomania, I've come across a few trich bloggers myself and wanted to share the love for them today! All three of these ladies have been extremely supportive of my blog, trich and general internet presence - thank you.

Trichotillomania Bloggers

It's no secret that me and Sophie are baes, and I was even lucky enough to meet her this February. She is a genuinely lovely girl and we clicked as soon as we met, probably because we have so much in common. Both of us have studied law, myself as my main degree and Sophie as a conversion and we both pull out our eyelashes and eyebrows, although Sophie has been pulling longer than I have.

I personally find her posts on Trichotillomania very insightful and helpful, probably because our trich is so similar. I really didn't want to try the Benefit Rollerlash, as I haven't been impressed with previous Benefit mascaras, but decided to give it a go because of Sophie. The Rollerlash is now my favourite mascara to deal with my trich! Not only are her posts on beauty for Trichotillomania great, but she also writes about the mental/physical ways to deal with the disorder. Her post on all of the different treatments was really good for those exploring options. She's always very honest and open about her hair pulling, something I very much appreciate about her and her blog. 

Here are some of my favourite posts from Sophie:

You can check out all of her posts on trich under her Trichotillomania tab.

Trichotillomania Bloggers
Charlotte at Char Nicole Lucas

Charlotte is a blogger that I didn't realise had trich for a long time, but has recently come out of the woodwork and I have really been enjoying following her blog about trich. Charlotte has a different kind of trich to me, she pulls out her hair, and writes a lot of posts about the difficult, mental sides of dealing with the disorder.

Although she does write advice posts, Charlotte writes a lot more about her experiences with the disorder than I do. As the disorder can be extremely belittling, tiresome and down right hard - reading someone else's experiences and struggles can make you feel less alone. Her writing is honest and emotional, again something that I very much value and appreciate as a fellow trichster. 

Here are some of my favourite posts from Charlotte:

Or like Sophie, you can click on her Trichotillomania tab for all her trich-related posts.

Trichotillomania Bloggers
Lindsey at Pulling Thru

Lindsey, behind Pulling Thru, pulls out her eyelashes and eyebrows and has decided to take it upon herself to create a website to help fellow hair-pullers. She writes a lot of her own advice, general how-to's with makeup as well as practical advice. But Lindsey also gathers external advice, whether it be blogposts or YouTube videos, and puts this all on the website as well. She aims for Pulling Thru to be the No 1 resource for Trich, by providing as much advice as possible in one place. It was all thanks to Lindsey that my eyelashes stayed on all Summer, with her recommendation for Revlon lash glue.

It makes me so happy to see someone being so proactive about trich, a willingness to help others to this extent is enviable. Her website is well designed and easy to navigate - I would not be surprised if she was a graphic designer. She's been extremely supportive of my blog, by the constant social media love and share of my links on her site. She seems so lovely, I would recommend anyone with Trichotillomania to check out her site.

Here are some of my favourite posts by Lindsey:

It goes without saying that I appreciate other bloggers who write about Trichotillomania, but these are the three that I've resonated with and become friends with via the internet. I really appreciate their support on my blog and wanted to share the love back! All three of them have been wonderful at spreading awareness and helped me during some of my darker times. It's amazing just how much knowing you're not the only one suffering helps with those times. 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxx

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