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Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

Benefit Cosmetics KA Brow Review

As a self-confessed benebabe, of course I had to get my hands on some of their new brow range. I'm a huge fan of pretty much everything in Benefit, I wear Hoola and Dandelion every day along with my favourite Stay Don't Stray Primer. I love the Porefessional and even get my brows tinted and waxed at the Brow Bar (usually the John Lewis in Birmingham). I guess you could say that I quite like Benefit. 

One of the things I really admire about Benefit as a company is their design and marketing. I love the bright colours, the positivity and the general pink vibe. They did not disappoint with the brow range at all! I love the silver, magic theme to the range and how they've brought out new products as well as repackaging the old. I love Gimme Brow so I was excited to try the KA Brow. I choose the product in 03 Medium. 

I was quite surprised at the size of the pot, I thought it was going to be bigger than it was. However, I have found that I don't need to use a lot in one go, so the pot hasn't gone down much since I was bought it in June. The pot comes with a little angled brush, which makes it great for travelling but I've found the brush to be a little too small and fiddly for a day-to-day basis. I prefer using just a boring, standard angled brush. The brush does need a bit more of a regular wash than other brushes, making it less appealing to the lazier people of the world! 

With applying the product, you get a lot out of a little. It is very pigmented and applies easily to the brow. I tend to use stroke type motions to apply to the product and that works fine. I always have to brush through my brows before, during and afterwards to keep the hairs in place. I like using the product to create really bold brows, as the product is very pigmented and I can create some sharp lines with it. For a softer look, I tend to add a little bit of brow powder on top. I've found it really useful to cover up some sparse areas in my brows as well. 

I haven't really tested it to see if it's waterproof, but it definitely does last the standard day. I prefer to use it when I'm doing heavier makeup, and tend to avoid it if I just want a tiny amount of product in my brows to give them some shape. It is advertised as being build-able, but I haven't really found that. I have found that it gives me pretty bold brows straight away! But perhaps the lighter colours would be better for build-able use. 

All in all, I really like this product. As it is Benefit, it does carry a heftier price tag than the average high street brow product. I haven't tried any high street equivalents, but I would be surprised if the KA Brow would be much better than any dupe. It's a good product, but I highly doubt you wouldn't be able to find something as good but for the fraction of the price. But, I'm a massive sucker for Benefit and high end makeup! I really like it and would recommend it to anyone who was wanting to splash the cash on a cream gel brow product.

Have you used the KA Brow? What did you think? 

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxx

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