Sunday, December 31, 2017

Beauty Favourites 2017

As the year is drawing to a close, I thought I would share some of my favourite products of this year! Not all of the products mentioned are photographed, mostly because they are a little battered from all of the love I give them.

One of my pals brought this back from the states for me in the Spring and I have been obsessed with it ever since. The eye shadow formula is so beautiful, extremely pigmented, buttery and so so easy to blend. The colours are also lovely. I use the lighter colours on the left hand side of the palette really often, for both work and in general. I love the bolder colours as well, especially Love Letter to pair with a pink glitter. Cannot recommend this palette enough! 

I recently ran out of this baby and for a good couple of months I had to use up other eye primers that I had laying about. I can tell you now that none of them are a touch on this eye primer! It glides on really effortlessly and gives you a completely neutral base. Eye shadow works really well on top of the primer and there are zero problems with blending. The primer isn't drying on the eyes at all and it makes such a difference to the staying power of the shadows. You can read more about the primer here if you want! 

For some reason, I don't think I've actually written about how much I love this bronzer before? It has become my favourite bronzer by far and it would take a lot for me to change to another bronzer. It is the perfect matte bronzer, perfect for contouring. The colour is just the perfect bronze, not too orange at all. You don't need to use much for it to go far, and you can layer it on if you want more. It is the right amount of blendable, so that you can put it on exactly where you want it and know it won't budge but you can still blend it out so that you're not left with a sludge of brown on your face. 10/10 g bear recommended. 

This has easily become my favourite makeup remover of all time. It is a cleansing balm that you just put all over your face and then wash off with warm water and a muslin cloth or flannel, and off comes all of your makeup! It even takes off my extremely stubborn lash glue. I used to use the Clinique take the day off balm and loved that, but I found it made my eyes go a little blurry. The Body Shop balm does exactly the same, minus the blurry eyes, and for a much lower price - plus it's cruelty free! It leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturised. The only problem is my laziness and remembering to wash my clothes!

These lashes have become my life this year. I still don't have any eyelashes (yay) so I've been wearing falsies pretty much every day this year. I gave up winged eyeliner this year, because effort, so I needed to make sure that the lashes I was wearing looked ok without it. These lashes are great for this! I get so many compliments on these lashes, with a lot of people saying that they look so natural. I don't think they look hugely natural, but natural enough to not arouse huge suspicion but to also make my eyes look pretty. The band is really flexible and the lashes are really light, which makes them really easy to put on and so comfortable on the eye all day. 

I've spoken about this glue before but it just is the most staple product in my makeup bag. It is easily the best lash glue I've used and would recommend it to anyone and everyone, with or without eyelashes. It sticks on really easily and doesn't budge all day (mostly). I particularly like using dark lash glue, as the light/clear ones dry much more obviously than the dark ones. 

And that concludes my post about my favourite products of this year! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. What have been your favourite products this year?

Love, Gweni xxx 

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