Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner

G Beauty: Shadow Switch Review

G Beauty: Shadow Switch Review

G Beauty: Shadow Switch Review

G Beauty: Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch Review

I've been testing out this little beauty for the past couple of months, and I can confirm that it has revolutionised my life. Ok, slight exaggeration but it really has changed my makeup routine for the better. Gone are the days of having questionable marks all over my dressing gown! 

The Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner, which does exactly that. It's so easy to use and I use it everyday with my eyeshadow brushes. All you do is take your dirty brush, rub it against the sponge and you have a clean brush! Obviously it doesn't actually wash your brushes, but it does get the excess eyeshadow off the brushes - allowing you to reuse the brush for a different colour. 

As someone who wears eyeshadow everyday, this has become such a massive lifesaver for me. I wish I took a photo of my dressing gown before I washed it, because it looked so grim! Now I can just use my little Shadow Switch instead. 

I'm not 100% sure of the science behind it, but the wiry sponge clearly picks up the eyeshadow off the brushes to let you carry on using the brush. I am yet to need to wash the sponge, but it is as simple as running it under hot water and letting it air dry! It is recommended to refill it every 2 months, but I've had mine for about that long so far and I'm still alive. 

The little pot is pretty small, which makes it very transportable. I always take it with me if I'm going away for the weekend. It's light as well, so it doesn't make your bag heavy either. I am a huge lover of anything pink as well, so I was automatically drawn to the pink design. 

It is intended for just eyeshadow brushes, and this is what I use it for, but I'm sure you could use it for other brushes as well. As long as what you're wiping off is a powder product, rather than a liquid foundation, I think you could definitely use it! 

This has been one of my most used gifted product to date, and one that I would definitely recommend to every beauty lover. If I hadn't been gifted it, it is definitely something that I would have bought myself - especially at the low price of £5.99! 

If you're looking for a stocking filler or a little secret santa present, definitely have a look at the Shadow Switch. It really has made my dressing gown so much cleaner! 

You can buy your own Shadow Switch on Amazon below! 

Thank you for reading. 

Love, Gweni xxx 

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