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Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party
From Left to Right: BillieJessica, Natalie, Alice, Loren and Chantel

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

At the end of October, I was lucky enough to attend the Blogger Halloween Party! Since moving back to Birmingham, I've been attending a lot of blogger events and this was one that I really enjoyed. I love meeting fellow bloggers in real life, it's nice to spend time with people who also spend a silly amount of time on the internet! 

As the theme was Halloween, I made a slight effort to make myself look scary. I got hold of some fake blood and white face paint, and made myself look like I had been murdered. I was running pretty late and didn't have as much time as I would have liked for the look, but happy with it nevertheless. The event was actually really close to where I live, it took me less than ten minutes to walk. I got a LOT of weird looks, despite it being 2 days before Halloween! Don't want to brag BUT I even got comments from strangers in Tesco. 

The event itself was so much fun. Everyone had made an effort to dress up, which was really great to see. I wouldn't be able to choose my favourite out of everyones looks, but I did really like Natalie as Wednesday Addams and Chantel's makeup! All of the bloggers I spoke to were really nice and I loved getting to speak to so many different bloggers. So many had travelled pretty far as well! 

I'm a little bit useless with activities in these events, but I gave my best go at drawing a pumpkin. I'm really proud of Charles, even though he didn't win anything. I even felt as though I should have taken it home to show my parents. There were a few other activities going on as well, including scariest selfie and a scavenger hunt. Again, I was pretty useless at them but they added that extra little bit of fun to the event. 

There were a few brands at the event as well. The brownies on the Goodyfull stand were to die for, to the point where I may or may not have eaten at least six. Sorry not sorry. Although I'm not a food blogger (I struggle to feed myself on a daily basis), I enjoyed chatting with Lex about the products.

The girls on the Dr Botanicals were also really lovely. I didn't spend enough time testing out the different products - I had a lot of fake blood on me and didn't want to dirty all of the pretty bottles! The one product that did stand out for me was the Rose Oil. The formula felt amazing on my skin and I am a huge fan of rose scented things.

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

The one stand that really caught my attention was The Perfume Studio stand. There were loads of little bottles out in a row, and all of us bloggers were given the chance to make our own little perfume! Ben was really lovely and talked us through the company and the workings of a perfume. After he talked us through the ins and outs, we were given the chance to smell all of the different scents and create our own. From choosing 4 scents, I have ended up with a little bottle of a floral scent called "G Beauty"! I have since worn the perfume and it smells absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. The perfume smells so pretty on the skin and lasts a really long time. The scent is very me!

The Perfume Studio, based in London, is a company that allows you to create your own scent. The company uses really high quality product, which was easy to know from having a quick smell of the different scents. Ben was telling us all about the experiences that they offer, including private experiences for Hen Parties. Those experiences take a much longer time than our little experience, but I genuinely think they're such a great idea for a Hen Party! It's something really fun to do, that everyone can get involved with. Just need to find myself a husband now. Jokes. There were also gift sets available, all at a very reasonable price. I will definitely be looking into the company again when Christmas shopping comes around!

Blogger Halloween Party
My Raffle Winnings!

Blogger Halloween Party

Blogger Halloween Party

I was eyeing up the raffle prizes all afternoon, there were so many of them and they were all so good! I bought £12 worth of tickets, all of which went towards Mind charity. Usually, I'm absolutely pants at raffles. After the disappointment of not winning the Urban Decay Vice Vault at the Bloggers Blog Awards (still bitter), I didn't think too much of my chances of winning anything at this event. How wrong I was. 

I ended up winning THREE times. I have absolutely no idea how that came about! I was lucky enough to be given some travel guides, some false lashes in a pretty box and some Punkypins! I didn't realise my number had been called the second and third time, as I was too busy trying to get snapchats of my previous winnings! There were some pretty cool prizes out there as well, it seemed as though a lot of bloggers managed to win a little something to take home.
Speaking of taking things home, we were given the most generous goodie bags to take home! Considering the event was free, I was absolutely not expecting to be given such a great little bag. You can see from the pictures that we were really treated. I'm probably the most excited about the Lola eyeshadow, I've been wanting to test them out since forever, and the L'Oreal lip balms. I'm pretty excited about the nibbles as well, casually keeping me alive for the next few weeks. I love how there's a huge range, something in there for all us different bloggers. I think Kirsty and Ashton are giving away spare goodie bags on their twitters - definitely go and check them out!

Thank you again to Kirsty and Ashton for organising such a fun day and such great prizes. It was a pleasure to attend and I hope to be going to more events like these again.

Thank you for reading.

Gweni xxx

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Cassidy said...

That throat blood looks sickly awesome. Well, I must say your makeup art is stunning and fabulous. This Halloween I dressed up as Indiana Jones, I even bought indiana jones jacket for complete cosplay.

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Jack J. Chafin said...

We have a great tradition at our college; we read on one resource that it's great to have Halloween parties. Every year now we throw one, wearing horror costumes and makeup. It's a very interesting tradition and I suggest everyone to try it, you won't regret it and have a fun time.

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