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MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks
G Beauty: MAC Nude Lipsticks

HOLA. Today I'm writing all about my favourite MAC Nude lipsticks. Incidentally, they are also all of the MAC Nudes that I own. So there's that. 

I'm a fan of the nude lip, mostly because it goes with everything and doesn't offend too many geriatrics. They're easy to wear and you can easily make your lips look fuller without having to do much work. Also, how weird does a face full of makeup look without lipstick? Nudes are the best for adding that little bit extra, without detracting from the rest of your makeup. On a daily basis, most of us aren't looking to wear bold colours and tend to opt for nudes for ease. 

The standard MAC lipstick comes at £15.50, with limited edition packing at £17. This may be out of a lot of peoples price range, it's hardly in mine, but in comparison to other high end lipsticks - £15.50 isn't fairing too badly. I am definitely one for buying at the airport, where they retail for £12.90 (I think), which makes it a little bit more pleasant at the checkout. You can also sometimes find 10% off deals on websites like Debenhams, but I have a feeling that they have a little bit less of a range on the website. I did also once get Lady Danger at an outlet store, I think I paid £10 for it there? The MAC website is pants for sales/discounts I'm afraid! 

I've become a massive snob and don't look anywhere but MAC for lipsticks anymore. I love the huge range of colours and formulas and the quality is great. Matte, Satin and Amplified are my favourite formulas at MAC. I'm yet to be let down by the lipsticks and they look so pretty in my lipstick tower! The only annoying thing with owning as many as I do, is that it's not always easy to find the lipstick I'm looking for! First world problems...

Whirl - Matte

Out of the pictures, Whirl is the one under the fancy packaging. I'm not sure why it was under the Brooke Candy collection, but I took it as an opportunity to get the lipstick shade. I am a HUGE sucker for MAC limited edition collections... Anyway. The lipstick is a matte formula, which makes it much more long-lasting and pigmented than some of the other formulas. They can be a little drying on your lips, especially if you're prone to dry lips, but they are comfortable to wear. I used to prefer non-matte formulas, but I am ALL about the mattes now. 

The colour is really lovely, a dark-ish nude brown. If you're looking for something a bit darker than Velvet Teddy, then I would recommend Whirl. I really enjoy pairing it with a matte orange and brown smokey eye, as the colours complement each other. I never really thought this kind of nude would suit me, but with the right makeup - it looks lovely. I like to think it's quite 90s as well. 

Faux - Satin

Faux is one of my oldest MAC lipsticks actually, and I still love it to bits. The colour is probably the most like my natural lip colour, well maybe it's a little bit pinker. If I'm in a rush and am just wearing makeup for the sake of wearing makeup, then this is the lipstick I opt for. As it is a satin formula, it's very creamy and very comfortable on the lip. It is less long-lasting than the matte formula, so you do find yourself reapplying it much more. But it is less drying on the lips! As the colour is near enough my natural lip, I don't tend to worry/care if it comes off too much. 

The colour is your classic light pinky nude. It goes with pretty much every single makeup look you do, as it is such a neutral colour. Like I said, my lips but better! It does have a little bit of a shine to it as well, but it's not too obvious at all.
Velvet Teddy - Matte

I feel as though I don't really need to write anything here! I was not a fan of VT when I first tried it, but now it's one of my most worn lipsticks. It's a light brown nude that goes with absolutely everything. As another matte, the formula is very pigmented and long-lasting. I'm a huge fan and you'll quite often find me wearing it on my Instagram. Velvet Teddy is also good for overdrawing the lip line, to make your lips look a little bit fuller. I use a NYX lip liner, but I know a lot of people swear by Soar from MAC.

Twig - Satin

Twig seems to be a mix of a dark pink and brown nude. It's weird but it's pretty. Don't you think it looks like a mix of Mehr and Whirl? Twig is a satin like Faux, which means it's pretty creamy but still pigmented. I went though a bit of a phase of loving Twig around Christmas time last year. 

The colour is seriously easy to wear, I tend to think of it as a darker version of Faux. Which, from Faux, makes Twig a better version of my natural lips but a bit darker. As it is a pinky but brown nude - it goes with everything. If you want something a liiiiiittle bit bolder than your standard nude lip, but still something that is quite neutral and doesn't retract too much from other bold makeup, I would recommend Twig.

Mehr - Matte

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I LOVE Mehr at the moment. Even if it does make me feel like I'm 'meh-ing' like a sheep any time anyone asks what colour lip I'm wearing! Although it's a little bit bolder than Faux, Modesty or Velvet Teddy - it is still my go to nude of the moment. Another, matte, making it comfortable to wear. I've actually been using it with a lip liner as well, to add a little bit more dimension to my lips. I've been using MAC lip liner in Edge to Edge, which is a dark nude pink - similar to Mehr itself. I've been over-lining my lips a little with that, adding Mehr on top and then a little bit of highlighter in the middle! Et voilĂ . 

Mehr is a dark pink nude, one that I have found to be really easy to wear. I have a feeling that it just happens to suit me and my blue eyes, and I get a lot of compliments on it. It goes with most makeup looks, except for orange ones perhaps. If you like your nudes to be quite pink, but don't quite want a bright pink lip, definitely check out Mehr.

Modesty - Cremesheen

This was my first ever MAC nude lipstick! And it will always have a special place in my heart (I need to get a life). The formula is really creamy and it's a little bit more sheer than the other lipsticks in this post. It is really comfortable to wear on the lip. If you're someone who doesn't really like lipsticks, but want something just to wear - I would recommend Modesty. It's perfect for everyday wear, that doesn't dry out your lips, looks natural and finishes off your makeup. 

The colour is pretty much exactly the same as Faux, a light pink nude. Again, it's a pretty colour that looks natural. It goes with every makeup look, as it doesn't clash with any colours but also doesn't detract from any bold makeup you wish to have. If I'm going for a "no makeup" makeup look, then this is the lipstick I go for.

And that's it! That's my review of all of my MAC Nude lipsticks. Let me know your favourites and if any of these are your go-to nudes!

Thank you for reading.

Gweni xxx

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