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Matte Makeup Favourites

Matte Makeup FavouritesMatte Makeup Favourites

Matte Makeup Favourites

Matte Makeup Favourites

Matte Makeup Favourites

I know strobing and highlighting and all that jazz is in, but I am still really quite partial to a good matte look. As much as I love my highlighters, I do love a flawless base - especially with a bold lip or eye look. I thought I'd go through some of my favourite products to create my matte looks! 

For my base, my two favourite products are the Benefit Porefessional or my MLA Primer (Full review here). Both give a similar effect, but I would say that the MLA primer is more mattefying. The two products have different formulas, the MLA primer is more of a gel and Porefessional is more of a silky feel. I prefer the porefessional for the formula and I also feel like it soaks up oil better than the MLA primer. Usually it depends on what my day is like as to what primer I go for.

After my skin is primed, I head to foundation. My number one bae will forever be Estee Lauder Double Wear. It's a full coverage foundation and gives a pretty matte finish anyway, but really matte in combination with the rest of these products. It lasts all day and has a lovely finish, will forever love Double Wear. 

Then it comes to concealer, I pretty much rely on my NARS creamy concealer. I pop this under my eyes and sometimes on the bridge of my nose if I feel like contouring my nose. Although I haven't tried many different concealers, I do really like this one.

I will then set all of my makeup with the MAC Mineralize Powder Skinfinish Natural. This powder leaves your skin looking really flawless and you really don't need much at all. I actually stopped using it for a while and have come back to it, and I am now loving it more than ever! I also love using this powder if I'm topping up my makeup midday, or if I've been wearing makeup all day and then going out in the evening. It soaks up all of that worn makeup grease and leaves it all matte and flawless - yay!

As for contouring and highlighting, I do really like my contour kits. The light powders in the Smashbox Shapematters and the ones in the ASB contour palette are lovely. I use them under my eyes, middle of my nose and a little on my forehead. Then I will either use the grey toned powders in the kits or just Benefit Hoola to contour. I've really come round on Hoola, used to hate it, but paired with the right brush and it is really lovely on the cheekbones! My favourite brush to use is my Glamher Booth Sculpting Brush (review here), I find a lighter brush is best with Hoola. 

If I'm going hardcore matte, I'll add some matte eyeshadow as well paired with a winged line. I love the Natural Matte Shadow palette by Too Faced, Smashbox Full Exposure and the matte shadows in the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I am also a fan of using contour powders in the crease. 

If I want to mattefy myself even more, a good liquid lipstick or a Matte/Retro Matte lipstick from MAC doesn't go amiss. I'm really enjoying the Colorkill liquid lipsticks and the Kylie lip kits. I don't really like mattefying my lips too much as I always feel like it makes them look a little bit too one dimensional. But it looks great on some people so hey, whatever floats your boat! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, you can shop all of the products below as well! 

Love, Gweni xxxx

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