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Glamher Brushes, Studio Beau Review

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

G Beauty: Glamher Booth Brushes, Studio Beau

I was very lucky to be given these brushes to review. I really liked the look of them (hello rose gold) and asked if there was a chance I could review them, and the lovely team from Studio Beau were generous enough to send me two of their collection to review! I was given the Sculpting Brush and the Eyeliner Brush, which arrived in pretty pink tissue paper and a lovely note. 

Studio Beau is a Makeup Artist Studio and Beauty studio based in Bridgnorth, which I have just found is really close to Birmingham! I'm a student at the University of Birmingham - this kind of thing excites me a lot. Small world. Studio Beau stocks the Glamher Booth brushes, which can be bought in either set form or individually from the website. 

First of all, how gorgeous are they? I love the rose gold detailing of the writing on the handle and the pale pink handle. Not sure how well you can see the detail, the reflectiveness made it difficult to photograph! Aside from them being aesthetically pleasing, they are also excellent brushes. The bristles are really soft and are comfortable on the hand. 

The Sculpting Brush is my favourite out of the two, mostly because I use it more often. I use it, without fail, every day to contour my face. It is the perfect size to get excellent cheekbones. Once I've done the initial cheekbone contour line, I like blending until it is no longer a clear line and this brush does this seamlessly as it is so fluffy. I will then wipe off the excess and apply blush and then highlighter with the same brush. Multi-use and time-saving - best.product.ever. 

The eyeliner brush unfortunately gets a little bit less action, as I tend to rotate through eyeliners a lot for some unbeknown reason. However, I do really like using it with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Liner. The brush works well with the creamy texture of the gel, and feels very soft on the eye. As I often have irritated eyelids (hey trich!) it is an absolute dream to be able to use a soft brush to apply eyeliner. It is easy enough to do the wings with this brush, but like with any eyeliner, practise makes perfect! I would recommend giving the brush a wipe after every use though, to prevent it going hard from the eyeliner. 

Thank you again to the lovely girls at Studio Beau, I love the brushes and would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to try some new brushes but not breaking the bank at the same time. They look so pretty in my brush collection and have become a real staple in my makeup application process.

Thank you for reading. 

Love, Gweni xxx

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