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Lami Exquisite Makeup Review

lami makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Lami Makeup

Hello! This post is reviewing some of the products that the team at Lami Exquisite Makeup kindly sent me at the start of February. I am very pleased to announce that I am a fan of the products! Also... How much is my picture game improving?!

The woman behind the brand, Lami, is a well regarded Makeup Artist who has worked with the likes of Estée Lauder and Black Up and has recently turned businesswoman! She wanted to create products to enable people to continue making people feel beautiful and believes that makeup enhances our inner beauty. Whilst having her own makeup line, she still works as a makeup artist and even teaches classes. I was happy to get involved and review some of the products!

The packaging of the products is a plain black sturdy casing with the logo in either black or white. The mirrors inside the palettes are big and all of the products are light and very portable. 

Contour Palette

First up is the contour palette. I have been really impressed with this palette so far. The pigmentation is great and the powders are really easy to apply. I pretty much wear these powders on a daily basis! I like to blend the powders in a lot, there is nothing worse than an orange slug on your cheekbones. I have found that I don't use the left top and bottom powders, as the top one is too pink for my skin and the bottom one too dark. I will be able to use the bottom left during the Summer though! Being able to use five out of six powders is a valiant effort in my opinion! Although mine is the light/medium palette, it would easily suit a lot of different skin tones. 

To use the contour palette, I first prep the skin first with primer, foundation and then concealer under my eyes. I will apply the middle bottom colour on my cheekbones with my Glamher Sculpting Brush to contour my face. I will then warm up the face a little more by using the bottom right powder, with the same brush, around my temples and down to my chin. Using my Real Techniques Setting Brush, I use the top middle powder to highlight my face, popping the powder under my eyes, middle of my forehead and the bridge of my nose. I will then use the top right powder, which has a bit of a sparkle, to highlight on the top of my cheekbones! Et voila, I'm done. This process takes me literally two minutes, I often use the same sculpting brush to put blush on as well to speed up the process even more. 

Eyeshadow Palette

As an AVID eyeshadow palette collector, I was very interested to try out the Lami eyeshadows. I am pleased to announce that these shadows are super pigmented and last all day. I have been seriously impressed with them. I wore them today, putting them on around 8am and they were just as pigmented at 6pm. I then took my makeup off because it was annoying me... I know they would have lasted much longer though if I had any patience! I have never once had a problem with these shadows. 

Not sure if you can see from the swatches in my photos, but they are really pigmented. I would easily say that they are just as good as MAC eyeshadows. They are also very buttery to the touch and blend easily on the eye. The colour selection is varied, very similar to your standard nude eyeshadow palette. The shadows are all of a shimmer formula, and no matte shadows at all. Not an issue for me, as I have a million eyeshadows, a lot of which are matte, but I can imagine that may be a downfall for some people. I love the copper gold colour and the pink shimmer colours, and there is plenty of choice for crease colours as well. I love playing with eyeshadow looks and I have a lot of fun with this palette.

Eye Primer

This is essentially a dupe for MAC paint pots, it is pretty much exactly the same as Soft Ochre. I find these kind of eye primers a little dry, and prefer more liquid primers, but that is my personal preference! The primer is easy to apply, just apply with your fingers and dab and spread it all over your eyelids. I like to take it all the way up to the brow bone. The shadows stick to it and blend really easily, and works well with the Lami eyeshadows. If you want to save yourself a couple of quid, definitely check out this eye primer. Mine is in light-medium. 


Another daily friend of mine. Another pigmented product, but not so pigmented that you look like a tomato in one swipe. The colour is lovely and makes me look like a rosy princess. Another one of those blushes that goes with most looks, versatile and pigmented, what more do you want?


I won't lie, I've only worn this once so my review is somewhat brief. It is a matte lipstick and feels that way on the lips. It lasted a long time and is very pigmented, it quickly gives you the desired fuchsia-esque colour. I don't have any qualms with this lipstick at all, I just don't tend to wear that colour a lot! 

If you want to see any of the products in action, head over to my Instagram. Pretty much every selfie for the past two months was with the contour palette and I will have tagged the brand in the ones where I have used the eye shadows!

That concludes my review of the Makeup by Lami products I was given to review! Like I have said, I have been impressed with the products and really glad that they got in touch with me. I look forward to carrying on using the products and excited to see where the brand will go. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love, Gweni xxx

Don't forget to keep in touch!

This post contains press samples but all opinions are my own.


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