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Daze Cosmetics

Daze cosmetics

Daze cosmetics glitter

Daze cosmetics unicorn pop

Daze cosmetics silver frost

daze cosmetics swatches

pressed glitter cheap

If you have been anywhere near my Instagram stories in the last month, you will have seen me obsessing over these beautiful pressed glitters from Daze Cosmetics quiteeee a few times! I cannot get enough. 

I have been looking into getting glitter for a long time and these were a bit of a post-exam treat for me! I came across the brand through Instagram and fell in love instantly. Daze Cosmetics is ran singlehandedly by Rosie in London. All of the glitters are handmade by Rosie, who is only 21! How impressive is that? You can check out the Daze Cosmetics website here

All of the shadows retail at £5 each, but you can buy some of the shadows in a little collection. For example, you can get Dolly, Unicorn Pop and Rose Gold together for £12.50. I think £5 is a very reasonable price to be paying for the shadows. For handmade pressed glitters, you are definitely getting your money's worth. It's not as if these are just your standard eye shadows!

The pressed glitters come in little pans that can be easily transferred to a Z palette. I am too much of a peasant to own a Z palette at the moment, I tend to buy eye shadow palettes rather than individuals! So my Daze Cosmetics glitters stay in their little plastic sleeves on the daily basis. 

As you can see from the photos, the glitters are absolutely gorgeous. They are super pigmented, even from the tiniest of swatches. The colours that Rosie has put together look beautiful in every single one of my shadows! It was honestly so hard to photograph and I really don't think I've done them justice. 

I have tried a couple of ways of applying the glitters and I found that using my fingers worked the best for me. I don't use a glitter glue or anything, something I've seen you do need to do with a few other pressed glitters! I use a normal eye primer, Benefit Stay Don't Stray is my current fave (review here), and then use normal matte eye shadow on my crease. I then pop the glitter on my lid! Easy. 

Unsurprisingly, using glitter means that there is always going to be a bit of a mess. There is a bit of fall out on the face when you first apply the glitter, so I do recommend doing your eye makeup first! I do that anyway but I know a lot people do their foundation etc first. It is really easy to clean up the excess glitter, I just use a standard eye makeup remover. Once I've done my face makeup, I did find that a couple of stray glitter pieces did make its way onto my face, but nothing that wasn't expected or easy to brush off! 

The durability of the glitter is fab. It doesn't budge at all once it's on! I was really surprised by this. I have actually slept in the glitter on two occasions and it was still pretty close to perfect in the morning! I am a lost cause when it comes to taking off makeup after a night out. Don't judge. 

I was a little worried that they might be a little irritating on the eye, but they're not at all! Very comfortable on the lid. I currently have very close to zero lashes on my top eyelid and the glitter didn't get into my eyes at all before I put on my falsies. Pretty impressive. 

Another concern I had was whether or not it would ruin my false lashes. I reuse my lashes to death, so it is quite important for me to not ruin them after just one wear! But I have been once again pleasantly surprised. When I took off my lashes the other night, the only glitter I could see on the lashes was where the glue was! I have since worn those lashes without any problem. 

The glitters I opted for were Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Unicorn Pop and Silver Frost. Again, all retailing at £5 each. All of them are super beautiful and I am so glad I got them all! Pink Champagne and Rose Gold are beautiful shades, both of them are great for a bit of a different take on a smokey eye. I thought it was a good idea to get a classic silver glitter, Silver Frost, for those evenings where you don't really want to add colour to your smokey eye but still want those glitter feels.

Unicorn Pop is probably my favourite one at the moment. I wore it to a Sleek event at the end of April and loved it. It is just the perfect pink glitter! It has a hint of silver in it as well, which makes it that little bit more wearable. I paired it with the pink shadows in the ABS Modern Renaissance palette. I was completely obsessed with my eye makeup. I got so many compliments on the glitter that night!

They have a few new glitters on the website that have been brought out since placing my order. I definitely have my eye on Cherry Berry, which a really bright but deep pink colour and Sea Turtle which a pretty turquoise colour! SO MUCH PRETTY.

Safe to say, I absolutely love these glitters. They are super pigmented, beautiful, comfortable to wear and last all night. What more could you want? If you're looking to invest in some pretty pressed glitters whilst helping out a small business - get your hands on some Daze Cosmetics! I honestly could not recommend them anymore. Definitely a brand to look out for over the next year or so! 

PHEW. Who knew I had so much to say about glitter? Thank you so much for reading! Please do let me know your thoughts on Daze Cosmetics and or if you have tried any of the pressed glitters.

Love, Gweni xxx

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