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Revlon Lash Glue

Revlon Lash Glue

Revlon Lash Glue

From wearing false lashes every day for the past 18 months, I've picked up a trick or two. I've found lashes that suit my eyes and my favourite method of applying them (video below if you're interested!). The one thing I struggled with for a little while was finding the right lash glue.

I have tried quite a few different ones, including Eylure and Duo - supposedly the two best ones on the market. I'm not saying these glues are bad, they're really not! But they were nowhere near strong enough for me. I found myself constantly reapplying them, something I wasn't exactly a fan of.

So when Pullingthru recommended the Revlon Lash Glue, I had nothing to lose. I have never looked back. 

The design of the product itself is perfect for lining the false lashes - the little wand makes it so easy. I found that glues that come in a tube are fiddly, make a mess and touch ups were a nightmare. I also found that the packaging sometimes broke on me? That happened with the Eylure tube anyway. You do get some overspill around the Revlon lid, but nothing that bothers me too much.

Once I line the lashes, I wait around 30 seconds before applying with lash tweezers. The formula sticks really quickly and it's not at all slippery. I press the lashes down on both sides, making sure it's all stuck on and that's it. I do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. It is currently 9pm and my lashes haven't budged, and that's after me applying them at 8am this morning. It really does just last and last. I've even slept in it before (don't judge me) and I woke up with my lashes looking perfect.

The lash glue dries quite tacky on the eye. This is absolutely not an issue if you have natural eyelashes, or even some lashes to act as a barrier. But if you have completely bald eyelids, this tackiness does get a little annoying. Your top lid does stick a little to your bottom lid a little if you close your eyes tightly. I got used to it pretty quickly and the lashes don't actually move when this happens. The only thing that can be pretty funny is if you sneeze in public, there have been so many times where I've opened my eyes a little weirdly in front of people!

I tend to take off the lash glue after use. Just make sure to put the used glue in the bin! It is an absolute nightmare to try and get out of the carpet. Taking off the glue after use is obviously good practice for looking after your lashes as well!

My first tube was bought off Amazon, I didn't think they sold it in store at all. BUT I have now seen it in Tesco with all new packaging. The formula seems to be pretty much the same, if a little less tacky! The tube used in the photos is the one that I bought from Tesco, again at around £5. I think Revlon has brought out a range of their own lashes as well, something I will definitely have to have a look into when I have some dolla. 

The glue is easily the strongest glue I've ever used. I never ever worry about my lashes staying on throughout the day anymore - something that used to REALLY stress me out. I'm not sure how much non-trich people would like this glue, but if you are in the market for something long wearing - definitely give this glue a go. 

Have you ever tried this glue? What do you think?

Thank you for reading!

Love, Gweni xxx

Here is a link for the glue on Amazon!

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You can watch me applying false lashes to my bald eyelids below!


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