Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Organique Argan Oil Shampoo & Hair Mask

As part of the bundle of goodies that Justyna gave me, there was an Argan oil shampoo and hair mask combo. I've linked all of my previous Organique product reviews at the bottom of this post. Argan oil is well known for it's moisturising benefits, and these products did not disappoint. 

First of all, I have used various different Argan Oil products before these and have always liked them. They tend to leave your hair feeling really soft and shiny. However, I never found that there was a distinct smell of Argan Oil which makes me think there wasn't actually that much in them to start off with. Whereas with the Organique products, the smell is really distinct. I recently visited Agadir, Morocco where a lot of the Argan Oil is sourced so I am very familiar with the smell. I definitely feel like I am getting the full benefits of the oil in the shampoo and hair mask.

The shampoo doesn't foam up much but that's not really an issue for me, I just have to make sure my hair is quite wet. It still works and leaves my hair really shiny, refreshed and clean. I would recommend using conditioner afterwards though, but maybe that's because I have very thick dyed hair! I use this with any conditioner and it works perfectly fine.

The hair mask can double up as a conditioner and works really well as one. However, as I have long thick hair, I have to use a lot of conditioner and I found that the pot does go down quite quickly so I have decided to use it solely as a hair mask. I also find unscrewing a lid and getting the product out of a pot to be a bit too much of a hassle on a daily basis!

To use it, I was instructed to towel dry my hair and leave the conditioner on for 20 minutes. For me, the best way to do this is to have a bath with the hair mask on. I popped the mask on after washing and dry towelling my hair. The mask was really easy to use, I just took it straight out of the pot and put it on my hair, just as I would with conditioner.

The smell wasn't over powering at all and pleasant to smell during the time it was on. I just rinsed it off with water when the 20 minutes were up. Easy.

The mask left my hair feeling really soft, shiny and strong. I straightened it that evening and I could still smell the Argan Oil in my hair! I could even smell it right up until I next washed my hair.

Overall, I really like these products! I'm almost out of my shampoo and it's making me very sad. I don't want to go back to not smelling like Argan oil!

You can check out these products on the Organique website:

Let me know if you've ever used any Argan Oil products? Or the Organique Argan Oil products!

Love, Gweni xxxx

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