Thursday, September 10, 2015

What NOT To Say To A Makeup Lover

If you have ever worn makeup, you have probably encountered one of these wonderful statements. I thought this would be quite a fun post to write and a funny read. I hope it's not taken too seriously, it has been written light-heartedly but with a slight serious note. Enjoy!

What Not To Say To A Makeup Lover

"You don't need makeup"
Ah the classic. No, you are entirely correct. I do not need 20 different shades of red lipstick to be able to walk, talk, or see and I definitely cannot eat my lipsticks. So no I do not NEED them, I WANT them. Just like you want to do and have things, I want to have and wear makeup. And as for the people who say this because they think you're pretty, a) you probably think I'm pretty because I'm wearing makeup properly and b) I'm not wearing makeup to be aesthetically pleasing to your eye, I'm wearing it because I want to wear it myself. Makeup may feel like an obligation to some (it really doesn't have to be), and I understand that this is meant to be a compliment. But to me, it sounds as though you're telling me that I don't know my worth and the only value I think I have is how attractive I am to another person.

"You look tired/pale today"
YES BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY MAKEUP ON. Ironically, I find it's the same people who tell me I don't need makeup are the same ones who say this. I really don't need you to tell me what I look like, I know how a mirror works. You my friend, are rude. Stop it. Chances are, if I am actually ill, I will tell you that before you can work out that my skin is two skin shades lighter. 

"You're wearing too much makeup"
According to whom exactly? The makeup police? As far as I'm concerned, the amount of slap I put on my face is my own choice. If I want to look like a clown, then I will look like a clown. You're more than welcome to your own opinion about the amount of makeup people should wear, but is it really necessary to tell that person to their face if they haven't specifically asked? The volume of makeup on my face makes absolutely no difference to your life so why do you care. 

"I don't like your *insert product you're wearing*"
Good thing you don't have to wear it then isn't it, pal.

"You don't need another lipstick/eye shadow palette"
This can relate to any product really, they just happen to be the two things that I buy in excess. Again, you are very correct. I don't need, I want. And what I want, I get. Simples. If I have the money, why do you care? If you ask me, I'm putting back into the economy. I'm spending money, keeping businesses alive and have you ever heard of VAT? Yes, I've spent a lot of money on VAT. When you're getting your next blood test, remember I probably have a lipstick the same colour as your blood which helped to pay for that test. You are most welcome.

What Not To Say To A Makeup Lover
"Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate" Taylor Swift 2014

Fair to say, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Unless it's in the name of sarcasm, of course. If you would like some help on nice things to say, look no further. It would be a bit silly of me to rant here if I'm not going to provide a solution. So here you go. Here are things you can say that do not include getting your head bitten off.

"You look nice today"
Simple yet effective, you can't go wrong with this.

"Your eye makeup is looking good"
Any positive adjective will do here. Chances are, we have spent a fair amount of time on putting the right amount of eye shadow on and blending it seamlessly. Bonus points if you mention our eye liner, because dammit it is tricky and we deserve to be applauded. 

"I love your lipstick"
THANK YOU!! I LOVE IT TOO! LET US BE FRIENDS! Again, any product will work for this.

Hey, we all need a bit of positivity in our lives. And compliments. Everyone likes compliments!

Thank you for reading, I really hope I made someone laugh. Even if it was a little bit and it was in your head. As usual, feel free to let me know what you think! If you liked this post, you may be interested my post Feminism & Why I Wear Makeup as well. 

Love G xxx 

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