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Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review

Hello! Today I'm writing all about the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub by Eco by Sonya! I came across Organically Epic (Eco by Sonyas official UK Distributer) on Instagram and was instantly enticed by Sonyas story and organic products. I got in touch with Organically Epic and was lucky enough to be given the product I was lusting after to review, as well as an exfoliating glove!

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty

Sonya's Story 

After Sonyas sister was diagnosed with melanoma, she decided to invest into sunless tanning. After some research she found that there were a lot of chemicals used in spray tanning that she didn't like. She then took matters into her own hands. She spent hours researching, creating batches in her own kitchen until she found her perfect formulas. Fast forward five years later, she has her own international organic tanning company! You can read all about her story on Organically Epics website here.

It's an extraordinary feat to be able to have your products sold on the other side of the world in just five years. Obviously, I was interested and wanted to get involved!

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty


As I have just been on holiday (twice, oops) I wasn't in any need of tanning products but was desperate for an exfoliator.  I also wanted to try something from the range first, before investing in some tanning products. If you read my blog, you'll know I recently tried fake tanning and didn't go too well. Read all about it here if you want to laugh at my expense. 

The Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is one of Organically Epics favourite products. It is certified Vegan and made with only organic and natural ingredients. I have become increasingly interested in organic beauty products and I can promise that this brand does not disappoint.  

To start off with, how BEAUTIFUL is the packaging? I absolutely love it. The turquoise colour is really pretty and the brand is really professional looking. It is a really big bottle, 175ml so I know it'll last forever. 

The instructions are really easy to follow. You simply pop a generous amount onto your exfoliating glove and apply onto dry skin in circular motions then wash off. I would advise doing this in the shower, before turning on the water. As it is a salt scrub, it isn't a gel like formula and so can flake a little. If you've used salt scrub before, I'm sure you know what I mean!

The glove worked wonderfully with the scrub. It is a mitten shape with elastic to go around your wrist. It also has a little loop on it so I can hang it up to dry in the shower. I would definitely recommend using a glove with the salt scrub. It is also brown and matches the colour scheme on the scrub, not relevant but a very satisfying touch.

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty

The scrub itself went onto my skin really easily. It didn't hurt whilst rubbing it in at all and I didn't feel like I needed to rub it in for a long time to get the desired results. When washing it off I could instantly feel how soft my skin felt. I could feel how incredibly moisturising the scrub was, I have presumed that is the coconut oil working its magic.

I shaved my legs whilst in the shower the first time I used this. My legs have honestly never been so soft in their lives! I've always had a bit of trouble with the regrowth of leg hair (gross but yolo) and this has completely fixed this problem. My leg hair has taken much longer to grow back and have had no problem with ingrown hairs since. 

From using other exfoliators, especially face exfoliators/scrubs, I have found that my skin feels really tight and is in desperate need of moisturiser. I didn't feel like that about this scrub at all. I genuinely felt as though my legs had been moisturised with conditioner. I know it sounds weird but that is the most accurate description I can give for how awesome my legs felt.

The scrub has loads of other uses, such as tackling cellulite and stretch marks. It's the product that keeps on giving! You can get hold of the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub here and the Exfoliating Glove here. Hint: you can get 10% off using the code: gbeauty10.

Eco by Sonya, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Review G Beauty

I've read so many good reviews on the Invisible Tan and will definitely have to try and get my hands on that next!

I hope you've enjoyed my post and thank you for reading! Have you ever used any Eco by Sonya products? Do you prefer to use organic products? I'd love to hear from you!

Love, Gweni xxxx

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