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If you follow my Instagram stories religiously, you may have noticed that I went abroad a couple of times at the start of July. You may have also noticed me talking about and wearing my new sunglasses, my beaut Boss Orange sunglasses from Perfect Glasses! I have fallen in love with these sunnies and can't wait to share some of my thoughts with you. 

The Perfect Sunglasses website has a very wide range of products to chose from, including men's and women's glasses, designer glasses and prescription sunglasses. As my eyesight has decided to deteriorate very quickly and didn't have contact lenses at the time I was going abroad, I really needed some prescription sunglasses to take abroad with me. And I cannot explain to you how much I appreciated them! 

There are quite a few different brands to choose from, including big designers such as Dior, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Fendi. All of which are discounted! My sunglasses, the Boss Orange (as part of Hugo Boss) were down from £198 to £99! It is the same across the brands, and I've spotted quite a few lovely pairs of Marc Jacobs glasses that I may have to get when I'm earning money! Saying that, there are loads of lovely pairs of normal glasses at a much more affordable price, even as low as £9.
Perfect Glasses Review
Me wearing my Boss Orange sunglasses in Lake Como!
If you're a glasses wearer, you will know how expensive having poor eyesight can be. After my eyesight getting worse 3 times in less than 2 years, I can definitely vouch for that! So the website is great for saving a few quid on frames/sunglasses when you need a new pair. 

The sunglasses themselves are lovely. They are very high quality, which you can definitely feel when you're wearing them. The frame is very sturdy and very pretty. I absolutely love the design of the glasses and they really suited my face. They had all of the dimensions of the frames on the website, so I was able to check beforehand to see if I thought the glasses would be too big for my face or not. Thankfully they were not!

I cannot go on about how much I love prescription sunglasses. As I am short sighted, being in big places and visiting places is just a bit of a nightmare without glasses, and even more so if it's bright! I wore them 24/7 when I was abroad, they were particularly great when visiting places throughout the day. It was nice to be able to leave my actual glasses behind! 
Boss Orange Sunglasses
All in all, I have been really impressed by the website. Not only is there a very wide selection of glasses to chose from, but they are of very high quality too. The sunglasses themselves were sent in very sturdy packaging to protect the glasses too. I suppose this is expected, but it is nice to see that the company really cares about its products and customers. 

So if you're looking to get yourself a new pair of specs or sunglasses, designer or not, definitely check out Perfect Glasses. They definitely do have a little something for everyone there. Apart from maybe those lucky few who don't need glasses!! 

Thank you for reading. 

Love, Gweni xxx 

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