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Evoluderm Argan & Primrose Range

Huile Précieuse

Argan Oil and Orange


Primrose Oil

argan oil

A few months back, I was sent a really lovely package from Evoluderm! As I spent a year in France as part of my degree, I was pretty excited to work with a French brand. Evoluderm prides itself on producing good quality products for a low price. In the UK, I've seen their products being sold on Amazon and TK MAXX. So the next time you find yourself scouring through the shelves at TK MAXX, make sure to keep an eye out for Evoluderm!

I was sent the Argan and Primrose Oil range and instantly fell in love with it. It is targeted for those with drier skin, and you can really feel that in the products. Argan oil is well known for its moisturising, nourishing quality and this range is no exception.

My favourite part of the range is most definitely the smell. It smells like holiday! It's quite a sweet smell, a little bit milky but floral scent. It's very very hard to describe. But it smells very Summery and reminds me so much of being abroad. 

Out of the range, my favourite product is probably the Body Exfoliator (Crème Gommant). It is a super creamy formula with little exfoliating beads in them. It's one of those lovely creamy exfoliators that both exfoliate your skin but also leave your skin feeling moisturised afterwards. It also leaves your skin smelling lovely as well! I love using this product a few days before I shave my legs. 

There is also an exfoliator for your face, the Crème Gommant. I have recently run out of my Clinique exfoliator and this has worked just as well if not better, it's a little more moisturising than the Clinique one! Again, a very creamy formula with little beads in. It leaves your skin feeling much clearer but also soft after use. I continue with my normal skin routine after using it. I particularly like using it if I have a night out (when I have a life) and want nice clear skin! 

The least used is probably the Hand Cream (Crème Mains), as I am just not a hand cream enthusiast. However, I have used it a couple of times as just normal moisturiser and it works really well! It leaves my skin feeling really soft and smelling amazing. The smell lingers as well, which I am a big fan of. 

Last but not least, is the Face Mask (Masque Crème). I have never used a mask like this before, which is a cream mask? Essentially, it is like a really really thick moisturiser that you put on like a mask. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wipe off with a cotton pad. As my skin is combination, I don't feel like I need the full benefits of this, so I rinse it off with water instead. I found the cotton pad to be a little stubborn when taking it off! If you have dehydrated skin, this is definitely something to look into! It leaves your skin feeling verrrrry moisturised straight afterwards and very soft the next day. 

I have been super impressed with the Evoluderm products, so glad I've been able to test them out! If you have dry skin, definitely look into this range. Although saying that, I've really loved them and I don't have dry skin! The brand has loads of hair products on Amazon that look amazing that I think I will have to try out at some point!

Thank you for reading! Have you ever used any Evoluderm products before?

Love, Gweni xxx

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This post contains PR samples but all opinions are my own.

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