Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Beauty Haul

I'm not usually one for doing haul posts, but I recently have bought a few new bits and wanted to share them with you! 

This is actually a repurchase for me. I have been scraping the barrel for about two months with concealer and it was about time that I went all out and bought a new one. Absolutely love this concealer, the formula is great on top of foundation. As the name suggests, it is very creamy! It blends well and does not crease on me. I use it predominately under my eye area but I do like to use it to highlight the centre of my nose as well! Very excited to have this back in my life. I opted for the shade Vanilla.

This is a new buy for me, and so far I am really loving it. I have to admit, I am absolutely pants when it comes to powders. So this is my attempt at getting into them! It was recommended to be used with a puff, but at an extra £13 I opted against it. I have just been using a big face brush with this product and it has worked well for me! So far, so good but I may invest in a cheaper puff in the future!

I am a HUGE sucker for Clinique skincare. I have been using the three step for around ten years and the makeup remover range for at least two years. The eye makeup remover is so good and the cleansing balm is easily my favourite makeup remover. But this oil was the only one I hadn't tried! After using it a couple of times, I have found it has a similar effect to the cleansing balm - but it doesn't leave your face as moisturised afterwards. Other than that, it works really well as a makeup remover! Even on my eye makeup, which often includes stubborn lash glue.

Following from above, big Clinique fan. I was given the Sonic Brush a few years ago but stopped using it for a while at some point. As it had been two years, I thought it was PROBABLY a bit gross to carry on using that head if I were to get back into it. So your gal bought a new brush head. I'm looking forward to incorporating the Sonic Brush back into my skincare routine!

I accidentally forgot to photograph this, mega soz from me. But I did actually get this as well! I love my lip liner in Edge to Edge and have been wanting to branch out into more MAC lip liners recently, and thought I would go with a cult classic. At first I wasn't that impressed by it but since wearing it on a couple of evening events, it has grown on me A LOT. I pair it with Twig lipstick and have found it gives you a really lovely dark pink nude lip. It is really good for overdrawing the lip, one of the main reasons why I wanted to buy it!

All in all, I am so happy with my new purchases! Have you tried any of these products? What are your latest purchases?

Love, Gweni xxx

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