Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blame It On NARS

I've become a little bit obsessed with NARS recently, and when Selfridges bought out their own Limited Edition line, I had to get my hands on a palette. This palette is called Blame It On NARS and it is a Cheek Palette.

NARS Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette Review

The design itself was one of the selling points for me. I'm a big fan of colour and was immediately attracted to the pink purple and yellow design. It's really sleek and it fits in my makeup bag, making it really easy for me to do my makeup on the go! It also has a really big mirror, again perfect for us who aren't exactly "morning people". 

The palette comes with two blushes, a highlighter, bronzer and a mini ITA Kabuki brush.

NARS Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette Review

The two blushes, Day Dream (left) and New Attitude (right) are so pretty and wearable. I've been wearing more of the Day Dream as it's more subtle for day time. New Attitude is a beautiful colour for summer, I will no doubt be wearing it for the next summer party I'll be at! 

Satellite of Love is the highlighter and this is perfect for tanned skin. It is quite glittery but it isn't in your face. It is a slight beige peach colour that gives off a golden shimmer.

NARS Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette Review

The Casino bronzer was the selling point of this palette for me. I had been using Laguna for a while and really loving it but I found I needed something a little bit darker for my more tanned skin. Casino is perfect for that. It is a little bit less blendable than Laguna but it still gives me the desired look. Aka chiselled cheekbones.

NARS Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette Review

I already had the NARS ITA Kabuki brush and as you can see, the mini version is basically the exact same brush but with a smaller body/handle. If you were thinking of buying the brush but didn't want to fork out the £43 then this palette might be a really good idea for you. At £45, you are getting much more for your money. I have noticed that there was much less moulting with the mini brush as well. I use the ITA brush on my cheekbones and I really like the look it gives. It is a really good combination with Casino.

Here is the Selfridges link: and this is where I bought mine from. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any discounts, or even free delivery. Sob.

Apart from not saving any money, I'm really happy with this palette. It's perfect for summer and on the go. I'm looking forward to getting more use out of it this summer!

Lots of G Love xxxx 

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