Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lipstick Tower Review

If you follow my Instagram account, you may have already seen that I recently purchased a lipstick tower! I purchased this lipstick tower from Beauty Stash and thought I would do a review on it. I have not been sponsored to write this post.

Edit: The company seems to have gone out of business now and I have removed the links. Sad times.

The company seems to be fairly new and is following and catering to the surge of beauty bloggers and youtubers. I found the company through Instagram, whether I found them or they found me I can't remember but I have been following them for a few months and following their progress. They post loads of gorgeous pin worthy pictures as well!

At the moment, there is just the one lipstick tower on the website and I chose the white version. The tower is £79.99 which may seem steep to all of you. I got my name on the preorder list and didn't know the price at the time. I was able to get £10 off from having my name on the list. I have noticed that there have been a few discount codes, usually around £10 so it is possible to not pay the full £79.99.

I have been looking for adequate makeup storage for a while now but haven't come across much that I've liked until I came across this tower. Don't get me wrong, I think £79.99 is a bit steep for storage but I saw it as an investment. Finding lipsticks are the bane of my life, especially MAC ones and so I took the plunge and spent the money. I am also a terrible impulse buyer, especially during exam periods. Oops.

Luckily enough, my money has been well spent and I do not regret a single penny.

The tower looks beautiful on my dressing table. The tower itself is much smaller than I thought it was going to be, a definite plus in trying to save space! It has space for 80 lipsticks and I have been able to fit all of my lipsticks in the small compartments (bar one, thank you Kiko!) and I've even managed to fit in my entire lipstick collection! It turns seamlessly, making it easy to choose your lip product. It swivels pretty quickly too, if you're a fan of chairs that swivel then this will make you feel weirdly satisfied.

The quality of the product itself is good. It is sturdy and I don't feel like it will fall apart. My one niggle with it is that the diamanté band is not completely straight at the joins. It's hardly noticeable but I just wish it wasn't there because I really didn't want to find a fault with it! But on the plus side, the diamanté band reflects light and it makes it look super sparkly when it's spinning!

As for the price, I like to support new up and coming businesses and I would rather pay a little extra to help out and to ensure that little bit of extra quality. You never truly know the quality of Amazon products and well, they don't pay taxes in this country. I've loved interacting with the Beauty Stash team on Instagram and I think it's important to support smaller businesses. Who knows, maybe they'll be huge one day!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this product and if you would consider getting a tower yourself!

Lots of G love xxxxxxxxx

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